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Another one Spitfire FR Mk.XIV (Airfix 1/48)

August 18, 2019 · in Aviation · · 39 · 3.8K

I know, I know, but I just can't stop building Spitfires, and it's another one in the headlines from my side – a new FR Mk.XIV. I was waiting for this kit to appear in my local hobby shop, and here is the result. Spitfires are my most frequent subject to build, and maybe I will buy another one if Airfix will release a version in RAAF markings. Just in case.

I don't see a reason to talk about the kit itself – it's a modern Airfix, and if you ever have built one of them, you know how it is. The only thing which should be improved – fishtail exhausts. In addition, I've added plastic seat belts by FineMolds (looks nice, but ...) and resin wheels.

Painted with AK Real Colors paints mixed with odorless Hataka thinner (Orange line). Black basing, marbling, and a little bit of oil afterwards.

Thanks for watching!

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  1. Excellent job! Great pictures too!

  2. Nice work, Dmitry! No wonder these sold out fast. We’ve already built them all! Great job on getting that front fuel tank cover to sit right.

  3. I agree...very nice work, Dmitry - I like 'em both (if you get my meaning) 🙂

  4. This is just amazing work! Congratulations, sir!

  5. Awesome paint job! I just started using AK Real Colors and really like them, but my results aren't as good as yours. More practice on my part is obviously needed. :o)

  6. Beautiful work, Dmitry! This is just such a super kit. You really have the look of Lazy Lady V" right, according to the photos of her in Osprey's "Griffon Spitfire Aces" - I was surprised that these late-war airplanes had so much wear on them in the short time they saw operations.

    I just love this kit.

    • @tcinla Thank you Tom! Searching through the photos, I've found several gems, really worn out. Maybe, that's a result of the use of temporary ground airfields during the last months of the war.

      • Actually, the two Griffon Spitfire wings were operating from the prepared field at Venlo in Holland up till late March when they moved to the old pre-war Luftwaffe field at Celle in western Germany (near the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp). The weather was probably what did it. The winter of 1944-45 was the coldest in Europe in a century with snow as late as late March/early April, followed by rain. For airplanes that didn't have hangars, that would mean some pretty serious "weathering."

        • So, it's the weather. Anyway, looking at those old photos I can say that those planes were in a real service. Interesting subjects to build and recreate a piece of history.

  7. Lovely work Dimitry!
    Excellent paint/weathering/finish !

  8. Congratulations on another superb model Dmitry! I am really enjoying this Spitfire run that’s been happening in the highlights lately, and this one is one of the best posted IMO. P.S. - I’m also favorably impressed by Real Colors paint, even though some folks complaint about this and that, I must say they rank as high as my gold standard, Acrylic Gunze

  9. Very pretty model indeed. Although it is the wrong mark, I come to think of this piece as your Spit breathes the kind of power as the real one Spitfire. The comments after the "action" says it all...

  10. Beautifully done, Dmitry! @starfar

    I have that same kit but have yet to build it. It's a keeper. I love those square wing-tip Spitfires!

  11. that is a great looking Spitfire!

  12. Well, Dmitry, with such a beauty like this, you can make any Spitfire you want 🙂

  13. A beautiful Spit! Well done.

  14. Looks just great Dmitry. Love your paint job & weathering. By the way, if you are looking for RAAF markings, try & get hold of Xtradecals sheet X48-127 which has
    NI-K of 451 Squadron.

  15. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Outstanding work on this Spitfire Dmitry … the painting is well applied and your touch of a subtle weathering is so well balanced. Thank you for sharing these photos.

  16. Great work on this.

  17. Great build, and the result looks beautiful.

    BTW, you mentioned that "In addition, I've added plastic seat belts by FineMolds (looks nice, but ...)", so what is the issue with the FineMolds seatbelts? I am thinking about giving it a try for my collection of Spitfires (Eduard Mk. IX, Tamiya new-mold Mk. I, Airfix Mk.XIV and F.24) and Mustangs (Airfix Mk.IV/P-51K and P-51D) in 1/72 and 1/48, so would like to know about any issues ahead of time.

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