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Toon Time Again: Fujimi “Toon” Ships

September 11, 2019 · in Ships · · 4 Comments

I have built a bunch of the "toon" tanks, planes, and ships over the last few years, usually as a way to decompress from some of my more intricate builds. I had previously built four Meng "toon" ships before and really enjoyed them, so when I saw these two from online, I decided that they would be a good addition to the fleet. After finishing a couple of detailed builds, including a 1/72 F-4J, I decided it would be a good time to build these two ships.

The offerings from Fujimi include a , and the cruiser in its aircraft carrier configuration. Just like the Meng kits, they were fun and easy to build. The instructions were all in Japanese, but that wasn't a problem. Unlike Meng ships, I don't think they were designed to be built without glue. I always use glue to assemble the kits anyway. My only disappointment in the kits was their size. I stupidly assumed they would be a size similar to the Meng kits. Upon opening the boxes, I discovered they were considerably smaller than the Meng kits. If we were talking scale kits, the Fujimi would be 1/700, while the Meng kits would be 1/350.

Unlike the Meng kits, the Fujimi offerings do not include a stand for the ships. Another interesting surprise was the decals. I built the destroyer first, which included both waterslide decals and press-on markings. The cruiser included only press-on markings, which meant that I needed to paint the Japanese markings on all of the planes. I cut a round toothpick in half and then used the round center section to dip into red paint and press a circular marking on to the planes. Primitive, but it worked. The markings also included decals, or press-ons, for the brown linoleum parts of the deck, but I couldn't get the decals to lay correctly, and the press-ons weren't an option for me, so I painted these areas by hand.

They took me a total of two days to build, paint, and weather both ships. If you want to relax between builds, or try some new paint or weathering, these kits can't be beat.

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4 responses

  1. I've seen those "Egg Planes" before, but never the "Toon Ships"...cute! 🙂

  2. A cute looking fleet.

  3. Interesting critters!

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