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1/48 Reggiane 2005 "Sagittario"

October 13, 2019 · in Aviation · · 22 · 3.5K

Flying Machines kit represents an aircraft operating with Squdriglia 362, 22 Gruppo, 42 Stormo, Littoria June 1943.

This is a limited run kit of good quality that has some nice resin parts for the cockpit and wheel wells. Modifications to the kit were brass tubing for the gun troughs and fine lead wire to represent brake lines on the landing gear. Lifecolor paint was used for the Verde Oliva Scuro top color and the GrigioAzzuro Chiaro underside. This kit is due to be re-released by .

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  1. Good-lookin' build, Dale...nice work.

  2. a beautiful thing dale and fairly rare subject

  3. Really nice work here Dale.

    Not a well-known fact, but obvious if you look at any of the Reggiane fighters, the fact that chief designer Roberto Longhi had been employed at Seversky Aircraft and took part in the design of the P-35 prior to returning to Italy to go to work for Reggiane is very apparent.

    Yes, @bobmack, it really is rare. Only 12 were ever issued to a squadron, the 362nd, where they lasted about 2 weeks in the Sicilian campaign.

  4. Your usual excellent work on display again Dale. Really looks nice.

  5. I have never seen one of these built before... You have a knack for finding unusual and one of a kind subjects. They always turn out spectacular too.

    Well done my friend ! It does look a bit like a P-35... especially the wings and tail feathers.


    • Thanks Louis. Yes, I really like the limited run kits. I like 109's, 190's, Spits and Mustangs, but the limited kits give the modeler a chance to add some very interesting aircraft to their collection that will never be done by mainstream manufacturers.

  6. Good looking Sagittario Dale! Wasn’t aware the upcoming SH was in fact this mould. There is another competitor around the corner, from Sword, also in the quarter scale, so I guess this beautiful plane will be well served for any (good) taste modeler.
    What blue is that you used in the wheel well and cockpit if I may ask?

    • Thanks for your nice comments Pedro. The original Flying Machines kit was done by MPM as are Special Hobby kits. I saw the sprue shots on the aeroscale website and thy look very much like the Flying machines kit with some modifications. The cockpit and wheel well color is Misterkit anti-corrosive green. I'm not sure if this range of paint is still available.

  7. Nice looking machine. IMO, the Re2001 and 2005 series looked much more graceful with an inline engine than a rotary.

  8. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    This one is truly a rare one too see and you have done a very nice clean on this model Dale.
    Beautiful lines in this aircraft.

  9. Very nice looking model

  10. Nicely done - good subtle weathering. Great model!

  11. Much appreciated Greg!

  12. This is a really cool looking plane, Dale. This is one of those sleek planes that looks like it would be fast just sitting on the ground.

  13. Thanks George. From what I read it was probably the one of the best Italian fighters produced and would have been a formidable opponent had more of them been available sooner.

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