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USS Sturgeon by Mikro Mir

Here’s my second 1/350 scale sub from Mikro Mir. This time it’s USS Sturgeon. I attempted to model it as it looked (according to the instructions) on launching. However, the decal for the bunting, as nice as it looked, turned out to be [...]

Bunker Hill TBM-3 Avenger

This is the second of two kits I bought at an old-fashioned hobby shop in Staunton, VA (the first was an Academy SDB-1 Dauntless). If you’re in the area, I highly recommend stopping by and looking at their stock. The shop is in downtown [...]

Grumann TBF-1c Avenger 1/72 Hasegawa. Lt. (JG) George Bush Plane, USS San Jacinto.

Making a model of the plane of the 41st President of the United States has been my dream for a long time. Already in primary school, I built a simple Frog TBF Avenger model. But now it's time for a more professional construction. The [...]

USS Philadelphia (CL-41), Brooklyn class cruiser

Here, my friends, is my first foray into the brave new world of resin kits. I have a soft spot for the 9 cruisers of the Brooklyn class, which were extremely good looking ships, and of great historical significance. Thus, it is hard to [...]

Yet Another Corsair

First I did “I like jugs.” Then I created “Spitfirepalooza.” Now I’m on the edge of being obsessed with Corsairs and having to create a name for said obsession. Here’s my third Corsair of the year, the Tamiya 1/72 F4U-1D. [...]

Trumpeter RA-5C Vigilante

Another case of buy the kit, then read the reviews just before building. Oh, my! One of three kits that I didn't think would be available in the future due to their countries of origin, I purchased this and two other "gotta [...]

F4F-4 WildcatCat of the Pacific War

(link) Today story will be short. The Airfix F4F Wildcat model is quite a popular model available for many years. I wanted to face him. As it turned out, it has a lot of imperfections that can effectively discourage novice modelers. [...]

Eduard F4F-3 Wildcat, 1/48. 'The Navy's First Ace'

Following Eduard's amazing 2022 new tooling of the infamous A6M2, I eagerly looked forward to their rendition of the Wildcat and this kit certainly doesn't disappoint. Unsurprisingly the first Wildcat Eduard releases is the F4F-3, [...]

USS Gearing, Dragon 1/350

Here is my build of Dragon's USS Gearing, lead ship of the US Navy's ultimate WWII destroyer class. This is the excellent kit from Dragon, which comes with extensive photoetch (but, surprisingly, no railing!). Built it out of the box apart [...]

Korean War...1/48 Douglas AD-4NA Skyraider, VF-194, US Navy

After the French Skyraider, my dad decided to build another one, this time an AD-4NA during the Korean War. He used the Italeri boxing of the old ESCI kit which was first released in 1979. Most Korean War naval schemes are rather boring, [...]