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Diamond shape Focke-Wulf 190 A-4

October 2, 2019 · in Aviation · · 29 · 2.6K

My last build is this weekend box of Fw190 A-4. Not that I (we) don't have a fair share of this plane lately but I just couldn't resist this unique camouflage pattern. In fact there were some 109 E that sported this kind of “netting” camouflage” but as far as 190s this is the only one I know so far.

A fast build bit the painting took some time with several retouches, including a first failed attempt with the crisscross pattern.

Paints used were Real Color 76 early; Gunze 75 and MRP 74.

Hope you enjoy!

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  1. Very nice job on the camo Pedro. A lot of patience shown with the diamonds

  2. This is a masterpiece ! Well done my friend. I like everything about this one... The word "perfection" comes to mind when I see this one.


    • Thank you my friend! I may be a little biased but can assure you that perfect it is not... for instance the levellers of the inner gear doors are not yet applied because one went awol, but I am very pleased with the result tbh

  3. Wow, some real airbrush mastery in evidence here! Not surprising it took more than one "take" to get it right. The result is spectacular.

  4. Great work, Pedro! You are a master airbrusher. Do you give lessons?

    This is a great rendition of a very odd, and very interesting camo pattern that I haven't seen before. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Great camo scheme Pedro!

  6. Lovely work Pedro great build and camo, nicely judged weathering.

  7. I can only concur with all of the above - outstanding work indeed. Wow!

  8. Beautiful Pedro, very unique camo scheme on this 190. First time I have ever seen it modeled in any scale. Excellent work with the airbrush, looks freehanded? Simply marvelous. Thanks for sharing a very unusual Luftwaffe rare paint scheme.

    • Thank you Chuck, it really is a one of a kind camouflage for a German AC.
      All of the camouflage was done freehand, I seldom use masks unless it’s a straight line demarcation camouflage.

  9. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Beautiful example of a Fock - Wulf 190 Pedro, and more yet … in this very unusual and striking camouflage pattern. Your touch of weathering is very well applied here.

  10. Incredible job on that paint scheme... Well done Pedro!

  11. Becoming more in love with the FW 190 as time goes. Your paint control is fantastic. Just can´t get it how you managed to get the lines so straight, even and at an exact angle each time AND on both sides. Marvellous work there! Always loved the tatzelwurm design 🙂

    • Stellan, the 190 is a very aesthetic and purposeful plane, even more a great platform for us to use several one of a kind camouflages... what’s not to like about him?
      As for the lines, I can tell you that a lot of retouches were made (some webbing of the paint occurred on occasions, the alignment was not the best, etc). Thanks for the feedback!

  12. Fantastic finish on this! Interesting pattern - don't recall seeing it on a 190 before. Well done.

  13. Thank you Greg, I too only saw this “netting” effect on this particular 190

  14. Excellent camouflage finish on this 6./JG 1 bird.

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  15. Absolutely stunning airbrush work! I'm in awe!

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