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F6F-5K drone USS Boxer,Korea 1952, Eduards 1/72 Hellcat

October 8, 2019 · in Aviation · · 16 · 2.4K

Probably the last time US Navy Hellcats were used in combat. Used as crude surface to surface missiles, launched from Boxer CV 21,against targets in 1952 during the Korean war, loaded with a large bomb. The -5K's carried a TV camera pod under the right wing with a AD Skyraider controlling aircraft receiving the TV image sending it to the target. They weren't very successful, out of the six sent one hit a target, four missed and one aborted. Essentially a kamikaze [without the pilot].

The build is Eduards 1/72 F6F-3, I used the -5 parts which are included in the kit , the TV pod is a modified bomb from spares, a couple of antennas, decals and a bomb also from spares.

One final note ,this is the first F6F that I've done in years, I might be getting Hellcat fever I feel like doing another, maybe just as obscure.

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  1. Nice job. Had no clue that these were used in this manner. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Good work Robert on a very neglected subject.

  3. Nice job, Robert. Hellcat drones interest me and I have a decal set to build the same plane in 1/48.

  4. Nice presentation, Robert...I like it !

  5. Looks good! That Skyraider no.15 in the color photo to the left of the real V5 looks damaged to me where the cowling flaps are. Or am I seeing things?

  6. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Nice reminder of the Hellcat's various missions, good work.

  7. Outstanding work AND very interesting bit of history, Robert. @roofrat

    I especially like the next to last photo of the F6F and the SPAD preparing to be launched.

  8. Nicely done Robert, also interesting story concerning their use in Korea. Had never heard that story before, wonder who came up with that idea?

  9. Nice build, and interesting story - never heard that before. Seems like a waste!

  10. Looks good Robert and nice to see a drone modeled in something other than red. I look forward to seeing your next Hellcat.

  11. that was a real treat bob...and i love the boxer in the korean war also...well done

  12. Interesting subject, nicely done Robert.

  13. I really like this build Robert... You did a fine job with it. Wasn't the target the rail road bridge near Hungnam ?

  14. That sounds right, they weren't too successful though. I got some ideas for a couple of other Hellcats, maybe I'll do them together in the werks way,

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