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Mirage F1 AZ 1/32 Scale, Scratch Build. Part 13

October 23, 2019 · in Aviation · · 10 · 2K

Its time for another progress report for you die hard followers of this build, Firstly I just want to thank all of you for the kind comments that you have given me so far during this build, you have no idea how much you all have motivated me.
Needless to say, this build has really pushed me to the limits of knowledge that I have accumulated during all my years of building aircraft models, especially since I started scratch building. I wouldn't class it as a fight to get this far, but more of a large amount of will power to continue, I cant even remember how may times I have had to re build parts to get the correct look of the aircraft.
so, lets start with what I have done over the last week end.

The undercarriage was scratch built earlier in the build, and now it was time to get it installed.
Firstly I made a jig from plastic card to help me with the alignment, drilled into the undercarriage bay and proceeded to glue in some aluminum tubing that was a smaller diameter than the undercarriage, waited for the glue to set, then I slipped on the undercarriage, did the alignment and glued them into position.

The nose wheel was a relatively simple affair, drilled a hole into the bottom of the bay, and installed.
Next I painted the wheels and installed.
I then made up the retraction jacks for the main undercarriage, with the piping, and installed.

I was extremely relieved that when I placed the model on the wheels for the first time I had managed to get the look just right... PHEW...

This week end I will mold the canopy and install as well as finish some detail work in the cockpit, as well as make the gear doors.

Hope you enjoy the post, and look forward to your comments.



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  1. Awsome! It is a very special feeling when an aircraft model is on its own legs for the first time and I can imagine when scratch building every damned part it must be a very very very special feeling.

  2. My sentiments exactly, thanks for the great comment.

  3. Impressive modelling Marc, I can hear the Snecma turbine revving-up looking at these pics... Absolute marvel this build!

  4. Perches nicely on those talons! Very nice detail on all of the gear and wells. What a beaut!

  5. Looks great Marc. I particularly like the paint scheme of the a/c in the heading pic. All the best - Paul

  6. This has to be a very rewarding experience for you. I can only imagine how you must feel when you look at this plane and can tell everyone that you have made every little thing from scratch. Most people who are not aware of this feat would probably reply back to you in disbelief. It looks amazing ! You my friend have a serious set of skills and it’s way above anything that I would ever consider doing myself. I sincerely don’t know how you manage to do it.

    Well done ! It looks so realistic, especially now that it is able to stand on its own 3 feet ...

    All of your builds are spectacular, but this one takes the cake.

    • Thank you very much indeed for the comment, yes ,I think scratch building does it for me, I am really enjoying the hobby and all the research that go's into the build. The satisfaction for me is that people enjoy the build, I have fallen out of competition's and build for my own enjoyment now. Thanks again for the kind comment.

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