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These gliders by came two-in-a-box. Parts count was pretty low, so the real challenge was in painting and finishing.

I tried to replicate the semi transparent effect of the wing when viewed from below. The wing undersurface was sprayed brown, then the ribs masked off with thin tape and Parafilm, after which I airbrushed the linen colour.

The Polish version had an enclosed gondola and a mottled camo pattern. The KP instructions showed a strange repeated digital pattern, which I thought was unlikely given the WW2 time frame... On the other hand I couldn't find any reference of the real thing so went with a hand-painted mottle.

In 1/72 scale the models are quite small and capture the frailty of the original design well. Uschi van der Rosten thread and Bob's Buckles turnbuckles were used for the rigging.

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  1. oh mike you've done it again ...magnificent work and fine tutorial

  2. Fantastic paint work

  3. Really very nice work, especially in this scale.

  4. Delicate work but stunning nonetheless! These gliders are a masterpiece in miniature size

  5. Fantastic build!
    I am also working on my one, it will be one that flew in Liberec (Reichenberg), my hometown.

  6. That Polish camouflage is insane to hand paint, well done! Really like the translucent effect, captured it well.

  7. Wow ! Thought at first they were a larger scale.

  8. Superb Mike! Well done.

  9. That painting is fantastic for creating the "see through" effect. Thanks for the tutorial on that!

    Beautiful work, as usual.

  10. Thanks for the positive feedback, guys.

  11. Unbelievable, a magnificent job in 1/72.
    The realism of the paint on the upper surface of the German version is incredible.
    Great job!

  12. Those are really cool! Fantastic work.

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