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Update No. 1- Ju 87G-1

October 10, 2019 · in Uncategorized · · 14 · 1.7K

This interior was four pieces. It was two chairs, a stick, and a floor. Really, REALLY simplistic. And I was corrected from my last post, this is a kit that is being made by , or bought by Revell, or something like that. So I took it and made a wall between the gunner and the pilot, and then made a gun mount, and then made foot pedals. My first time scratch building turned out well in my opinion. Will definately do more.

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  1. Great start with scratch building Jordyn, keep going, you will be scratch building the whole aircraft by the end of the year, keep us posted on the progress.

  2. Nice work Jordyn.

  3. Looking good! Just a little work some some sanding sticks will help clean things up a bit.

  4. Looks good so far, Jordyn!

  5. Great start to that wonderful classic! The whole Monogram/Revell thing is pretty confusing. I will relate it best I can paraphrasing the "bible" of the history of Monogram, by Thomas Graham Schiffer Publishing.

    Monogram bought out Revell which was in some dire financial straights. At some point the company that owned Monogram at the time decided to not keep the brands separate, but combine the names. So that is where the Revell/Monogram branding came from. Later, it was decided that Revell was a more internationally recognized brand and so Monogram was dropped. The company still existed, but now was just Revell. Still later, Revell or more accurately the company that owned Revell as we know it now, went bankrupt. A german company Revell of Germany, bought many of the old molds, and looks to have started releasing them again. Now to confuse things even more, Revell(Monogram) released many many kits as re-pops under their original branding, with "classic" boxes. For collectors, or builders like me who want as close to the original as you can get due to mold quality, you need to reaaaaallllly read the labeling carefully and see what the copyright date is on the box.

    Clear as mud? Thought so! The classic Monogram kits are by far my favorite, and so I have done quite a bit of reading on the subject. Classic plastic nerd I guess!



  6. This kit is really quite elderly, being a Monogram product from the late 1960s, so you might consider giving it a break and realizing how good it is, that you would want to build it nowadays. it will turn out nicely, and if you keep the canopy closed you'll have no problem with the cockpit., or lack thereof.

    • I didnt mean to offend, it's just my opinion on it. The cockpit was really quite detailed with the raised detail for the interior, but the lack and simplicity of parts was something I found annoying. They really could have put one more peice in there to add just that much more detail. One more peice is all it would have took. So that is why i had the opinion i had.

      • Fair enough, but to Tom's point, Monogram of this era is what Tamiyagawa is today, the technology did not exist for a lot of the detail we see today. No one, I mean not Revell, Aurora, Lindberg, no one was designing kits this accurate at that time. Tamiya was way behind them until really, the 80s. This kit was produced at a time when Monogram was solidly moving away from kits with toy like features, folding wings and such, to more "scale models. What I tend to do with these kits nowadays is build them straight out of the box and enjoy them as a time capsule of model building in that era. If you do facebook, check out the Monogram Scale Modelers page, they would love to see this! Also you will see there what some really great modelers do with these old kits! Anyway, keep going, this is a good canvas for some scratchbuilding and detailing! I look forward to seeing more!

        • Again, it wasnt my goal to make anyone mad. And yes, I realize it was a 60s kit, and that they didnt have the tech. The fit doesnt bother me or anything, just the one peice they might have been able to add to just do that much more for the kit.

          • Oh gosh no one's mad! This isn't that "modeling site that shall not be mentioned" . Just discussion! It's all good, I love Monogram, but have cursed their engineering more than once. Build their B-26 kit sometime, ooooofffff! Or their Devastator, I love that kit, but man some of their decisions in how they engineered it! So again no worries!

  7. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    As can be seen, you are off to a good start, I look forward to this build.
    Happy modeling !

  8. Great start. I build a lot of Monogram/Revell kits, and aside from the simplified parts in some of them, they build into a great kit. I have this one in my stash, so I am looking forward to seeing your build.

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