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Update No. 2-Ju 87G-1

October 15, 2019 · in Uncategorized · · 13 · 1.6K

I've put the fuselage halves together and did what little I could without the proper tools to try and minimize the gaps. I dont have putty, so any diy things I could do? Also, I attempted pre-shading using black sharpie, so let's see how it turns out. Also, who remebers my ? Well, I havent been able to work on it because the kit was one sheet of paper short, so I couldnt put the tissue on the outer wing pieces. I'm gonna need to stop by a hobby store soon, lol.

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  1. A black sharpie cannot be covered by the paint without bleeding through.

    • Are you saying that I did something wrong? Or thet it will work?

      • Sounds like the Black Sharpie will not work. The black from the pen will bleed through the paint, Jordyn. I do however, applaud your ingenuity. That's thinking out of the box!

        • What do you mean bleed through? Like, it will ruin the paint job?

          • Yes. That's what we mean.

            Since you're new to this, and don't have access to a lot of items that can help your work, let me suggest that you announce what you're thinking of doing here, before you do it, so we can help keep you from running over the cliff like Wile E. Coyote, and help you increase your knowledge and skill. Like Maarten did below with how to make some homemade filler.

          • First of all don't be disheartened anything can be fixed. I would get some ordinary mineral paint thinner like a house painter would use to thin down household paint and clean brushes ,it should be very cheap. use it on an old cloth and use it sparingly ,if it seems to be working keep going carefully and be patient, you could also try cellulose thinner like a car painter might have but be very careful as it is strong stuff it could soften the plastic , if the thinner isn't touching it then I would say you will be o.k. to carry on with you're painting but I would mask of your cockpit interior and get some plastic primer in a rattle can, again it should be cheap, and give it a coat ,I always use this before painting anyway. You could get a plastic pop bottle or something similar apply the sharpie in thick lines and when you think it has dried practice on that with the things I suggested , you could try other solvents like Petrol (Gasolene to you !) or nail polish remover.

            As for gap filler you should be able to get some mail order from Amazon but try a hobby shop first or you could use car body filler, when filling seams put some masking tape along either side of the gap and only expose a couple mm either side then fill the seam, before it has gone off properly you can carefully peel of the tape and the excess filler and you will have a minimum of rubbing down to do.

            Remember this hobby is a learning curve and it's supposed to be fun but you have to learn your skills the hard way like we all did, remember the really great modellers all had to start somewhere.


  2. Home made diy filler gap filler :

    Cyanoacrylate glue and Pure baking soda makes excellent gap filler.
    Just flow some some of the glue in the gap and sprinkle some baking soda on it,
    sand wen cured.

  3. Tom Cleaver and Jeff are putting you in the right direction. Sadly, black Sharpie (or any colour) will show through the paint finish and ruin all your good work. I'm unsure what you can use to erase the Sharpie marks, perhaps some paint thinners tried on a small trial area. I'm not a great pre-shader, but would think some black/grey/brown mix of acrylic would do he job, either carefully with a medium fine brush or an air brush if you use one. Hope you manage a good recovery. Paul

  4. If you don't own an airbrush, forget pre-shading! Having built my first 100 models or so only brush painting, I never found a way to get the top coats down without covering up any attempt to pre-shade. I ended up post shading with pastel chalks.

  5. Good luck Jordyn, lots of great advice here!

  6. To remove the black sharpie without harming the plastic, try paper towel dampened with 99% rubbing alcohol. It should wash the sharpie ink off easily without harming the plastic at all. I routinely use a sharpie to layout scratch building plastic parts and just wash it of with the rubbing alcohol.

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