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1/48 Finemolds Mitsubishi Ki-15 Babs

November 28, 2019 · in Aviation · · 13 Comments

Mitsubishi Ki-15 Babs completed. Nice build but the engine was a nightmare. Much cutting away and gnashing of teeth to get it to fit into the nacelle... but otherwise, easy as. Lol.
Thats ... "aBabs it".. lol. Sorry . Worst joke ever.

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13 responses

  1. Very nice, love that color scheme!

  2. I have been looking at this model for the stash... I like how it looks and they had some neat color schemes available. How big is it ? about the same size as a "Val" or a "Kate" ? Just curious ...

    Yours turned out very nice !


  3. Good looking build Paul. As I mentioned to Louis I'm working on this now and I didn't experience any fit problem with engine. Just some light sanding on the ring that fits into the groves on the cowling inside. I wish there was on open canopy option as the cockpit is well detailed and little can be seen with the closed canopy.

  4. Good airbrush work here Paul, the camp pattern is very nicely made and it’s very eye catching. What colors did you used?

  5. Beautiful looking aircraft

  6. Looks great Paul, very nicely finished. I have this in my stash and on the build shortlist, so thanks for the heads-up on the engine issue.

  7. Looks good! I really like that scheme - something different for Japanese subjects.

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