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#8 for 2018 1/48 Tamiya P-47 Razorback 334FS 4Th FG

Just finished her today. Love the marking on this one. Different then the typical ones you always see wi the big star and bars . I used the Kits world decals. Paints i use are Tamiya., AK extreme metal, MRP paint 🙂

46880965_299434617576008_363438298636484608_n by b007scott[/url], on Flickr

46825032_299434750909328_1371839423657803776_n by b007scott[/url], on Flickr

46814555_299434734242663_2503983495689273344_n by b007scott[/url], on Flickr

46787330_299434800909323_8327585770378362880_n by b007scott[/url], on Flickr

46667969_299434650909338_8910892726321414144_n by b007scott[/url], on Flickr

46666564_299434697576000_348321959374749696_n by b007scott[/url], on Flickr

46521178_299434680909335_341507718881738752_n by b007scott[/url], on Flickr

46520533_299434634242673_3678240340533313536_n by b007scott[/url], on Flickr


16 responses to #8 for 2018 1/48 Tamiya P-47 Razorback 334FS 4Th FG

  1. Nice looking Jug Brian

  2. Well done P47 Brian, the weathering technique you used for a well worn combat veteran is spot on. These Tam kits really go together very well. A great example here. It is quite a unique scheme as you mentioned. One of the great advantage on building a Jug. You can build quite a variety. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Very nice model, the uneven OD brings the Thunderbolt to life

  4. Nice! I love those early roundels, great choice of markings and a killer finish!

  5. your amazing…that bottom…you popped that bland early scheme with those insignias …hats off

  6. Great looking jug! well done. I remember reading a Don Blakeslee quote when the 4th transitioned from the Spitfire to the P-47…he couldn’t stand it, someone said to him it will out dive a Spitfire…he said “it @*%@ well better cause it sure as @#$ won’t climb!”

    • And then they got the new prop – and it’d climb like a scared cat, from what I heard!

      • When you think these T-Bolts were essentially twice the weight of a Mark V Spitfire, it must have been a real shock to transition. You are righ, Jeff, the switch to paddle blades did make a difference (I remember reading it was about an extra 150 hp or so…).

        You get an idea of how big those Jugs were when you stand next to one. Those beauties were huge.

        • Since where all arm chair quarter backs…Don Blakeslee was right for the time and if its your behind that is hanging out waiting to get shot off… his comments are accurate. The P-47 and the Spitfire evolved and took part in a technological race with the Nazi’s. Certainly in late 44-45 the P-47 had improved but, earlier models couldn’t climb or fly far enough. I am stating the obvious…but, when you read the “Best” fighter comments contemporary modelers forget that the war wasn’t won in a day. For the English a seven or eight year war…

  7. Really beautiful P-47, Brian!

  8. Brian,

    A great looking model. It looks as if you did a lot of weathering on the top side and the camera just couldn’t pick up all of the subtle variations of O.D. that you applied. Based on looking at the underside of your build. This is my one lament about not being able to see the real deal…the camera doesn’t always tell the truth. However, your paint job is neat and tight and the cockpit and canopy painting really stand out.

    Two thumbs up.

  9. Nice razorback! Nothing like a big Jug!

  10. Very nice Jug. So many options with these, nice to see a different take.

  11. Good-looking razorback.

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