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Hellenic Phantoms: Hasegawa and Meng's 1/48th R/F-4E.

Hellenic Phantoms had colorful variations throughout their long service period in Greece. Years ago, I bult Hasegawa's 'Hellenic Air Force Special' model of an aircraft that commemorates 50 years of the Phabolous. In general, Hasegawa's [...]

Iranian Phantom: Hasegawa 1/48 F-4E

The Hasegawa 1/48th Phantom variants are excellent platforms to explore the diversity of camouflage schemes of the magnificent aircraft. Here, I used DXM's decal sheet to depict a (probable) early F-4E serving in the Iranian Air Force. [...]

Hasegawa 1/48 F-4E Phantom IDF

Although showing its age, Hasegawa's 1/48 F-4E model looks like the real aircraft when completed. It has many shortfalls but, the relatively low part number count allows the builder to get to the painting stage quickly. In this model, I [...]

F-4E Phantom II

This is my new job, an Italeri Phantom II. The model is old and very very bad. Only the stencils are saved. I have riveted it and added the landing gear cables. I have also detailed the AIM-9 Sidewinders. I hope you like it. See you next [...]

1/72 Hasegawa F-4E Phantom II / Kurnass 2000

Started back in late Feb or early Mar (who can remember that long ago now...), this was the second of 2 Phantoms I started simultaneously (along with the EJ Kai already posted). The kit was typical Hasegawa late-version, with lots of [...]

F-4E 3rd TFW ‘Bataan’

It was the year of 2002, that I built 1/48 shark-mouthed F-4E. Since 2012, I have focused on 1/72 scale only, but have been eager to make this F-4E again in that scale, wearing this sharkmouth that, I believe, is the most handsome of all [...]

F-4E Phantom II – 1/48 – Hasegawa

F-4E Phantom II - 111th Sq. "Panter", TuAF, 1st Main Jet Base Eskişehir, 1992 Well known Hasegawa kit, Hi-decal (No. 48-028) with some of kits own decals. Built for a collector.