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North American T-6 Texan

Hobby Boss 1/72 T-6 Texan

The origins of the T-6 can be traced as far back as 1935, where North American Aviation introduced their first trainer aircraft. Designated NA-16, it became the forerunner of a variety of single-engine, low-wing monoplanes with tandem [...]

T-6G Texan FAE; Hobby Boss 1/72

Beautifull kit; this is the Hobby Boss 1/72 Texan, one on my lates builds during this year, highly recommended for beginners; i decided to use aftermarket decals from Ralf Models, and build a replica of one of the Texans from de ecuadorian [...]

RNLAF Noorduyn AT-16 Harvard IIB

Hi all, This time not an RNLAF fighter, but an aircraft that was mainly used for training purposes. However, this particular aircraft which flew with 306 Sqn at Deelen AFB was used for photo reconnaissance tasks from the late 50’s until [...]

North American T-6C Texan Stateside Trainer Monogram 1/48

Hi folks, this is the lastest kit finished,although not a contest one,it was nice to build it. It tries to represent a gunnery trainer for pilots and rear gunners. Hope you miss the many flaws and like it! Marcus

An "Air Force" T-6

Hi All! The movie “Air Force” is well worth watching if you like airplanes. It is not historical, there are many myths contained in the film, but the airplanes! Seen are RB-17C/B and D Fortresses, P-43s, P-39s, P-35s,Short Wing B-26s [...]

Nordic Cowboy...1/48 Noorduyn Sk16A (Harvard Mk.IIB), Svenska Flygvapnet

So, here´s my dad´s fourth and last Texan for this year. Italeri Harvard boxing, the molding is worse than the previous Italeri T-6G boxing. Canopy parts had fit problems, cockpit sidewalls were molded in different thickness, landing [...]

Pampa Cowboy...1/48 North American T-6G Texan, Fuerza Aérea Uruguaya

After the French Algerian War Texan, here´s my dad´s second T-6 for this year. Used the 1998 Revell Germany boxing of the good old Monogram kit of 1979. The kit has only the football antenna and covered wheels, so my dad took the late [...]

Guerre d'Algérie...1/48 North American T-6G Texan, Armée de l’Air

My dad´s next addition to the French at war theme. Italeri reboxing of the Ocidental kit, Eduard PE detailing set, painted with AK Xtreme Metal Aluminium. All French combat Texans came with three rocket racks under each wing, the kit has [...]

Korean War GB: North American LT-6G MosquitoRevell (Monogram) 1/48

This next completed build has been a work in progress for many months. The kit itself is the "Reno Racer" version of Monogram's venerable T-6 Texan. I found this kit for $6, and a set of Aeromaster decals for just a bit more, [...]

Korean War Group BuildNorth American LT-6G Texan FAC

This one started as a decal sheet. Friend Tom Bebout had some decals left over from his T-6 build and he kindly sent me the markings for a second airplane, an FAC bird named "Night Train". I didn't have the model yet, so I [...]