Revell Convair Tradewind – Restoration

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Since I am not as young as some hobby friends, I have many recordings of the good times of Revell in Brazil, between the ages of 60's and 70's. I intend to build some models that make me return in time, as a rescue of the memory of important moments when I was greatly influenced by my older brother, as well as out of pure nostalgia, so I did a simple job of Revell's old Convair Tradewind R3Y-2 kit, on the 1/166 scale, of the famous 1 / box scales series. This kit was awarded to me already assembled by my friend and historian Frederico Nicolau.

Soaking in a strong caustic soda solution, in addition to the paint also released much of the glue. So it was almost a complete new build, going through gluing, putting, making one of the entire propellers and missing several blades. The decals were printed on the inkjet printer from the original internet decal image on the white decal sheet. Antennas were made with my daughter's hair and windows with Testors glue for this purpose.

Otherwise everything were normal without difficulties:
Primer polyester ACS
Tamiya Putty White
Main blue in common enamel and others colors in Dry Color polyester.
Tamiya Panel Line Accent.
Glossy and matt Acrilex varnish.

Anyway a great memory for me and my brother Pedrinho, and also another flashy model in my collection.

Some help:
My friend Jose Reinaldo (GPP-JG400) with good ideas.

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  1. Fantastic renovation project! Well done.

  2. Fantastic job on bringing this ancient beast into the present day, I also love building kits that are 40 years or more in age so I know how much work has gone into this.

  3. A great restoration, nice to see it!

  4. gorgeous...those kits were rough and walk in the park

  5. Excellently done.,

  6. I wish I had lived in San Diego when they were flying and being built. Great restoration, a very interesting aircraft!

  7. Thank you, Jeff. Really a very interesting aircraft.

  8. Thats an admirable restoration. I too found Rato Marczak's Tradewind build very inspirational. If you can get past the odd "fit the box" scales and the molding limitations of the 1960s and early 60's many of the Revell kits were remarkably accurate in terms of outline and proportions.

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