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1/35 Trumpeter M1131 Stryker FSV

December 10, 2019 · in Armor · · 9 Comments

This is my first attempt at building an armor vehicle, so please be merciful with me…and any suggestions for improvement will be greatly appreciated.

This build replicates my son’s M1131 while he was assigned as a Fire Support Team (FIST) leader to the 2d Squadron, 3d Cavalry Regiment at Fort Hood, TX in 2014, just before they deployed to Afghanistan.

I began the build with ’s beautiful M1131 kit. The build went smoothly and the parts fit was excellent in all cases. I followed the kit instructions except that I did not glue the wheels and tires on until the end so I could weather them.

Once the main chassis was built, I sprayed the whole vehicle with black Stynlrez primer. Next I used Mission Models NATO Green for the base color. This was the first time I have used their paints, and I had high hopes for the result. That said, I must have done something wrong because I had a lot of problems spraying the paint. Using my H&S Infinity CR Plus with a .15 needle, I had constant clogging and tip dry issues. I had done a complete teardown and ultrasonic cleaning of my airbrush before use. I sprayed straight from the bottle and did not thin the paint before use, per MM’s instructions on their website. I also used the pressure they recommended of 10-15 PSI. I don’t know what the issue was and I’m not knocking MM paints. I may have just had a bad “air” day. I normally use Vallejo Air acrylics and have had no problems.

Once the paint was dry, I used Archer dry transfer decals to make the bumper numbers of my son’s vehicle. I then weathered it with AK weathering pencils and a black oil pin wash to bring out details and try to give some tonal variation. Vallejo pigments were used to weather the lower hull, wheels, and tires. I didn’t go overboard with weathering because these vehicles were fairly new at the time and had just been issued to his unit. The only other aftermarket bits were Master Model Modern AFV Comm antenna sets for the two VHF antennas.

I hope you like it…

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9 responses

  1. You did a fine job with the Stryker ! Your son would be proud. It really looks the part. I also served in the 3rd CAV, but I was in the 3rd Squadron. L Troop 3/3 ACR, way back when we transistioned from the old M-60A-1's to the brand spanking new M1A-1's. I almost re enlisted because of that tank... Small world indeed and "Brave Rifles, Veterans !"

    My wishes are that your son is back home now, safe, mentally sound and in one piece.

    We all have those days when things don't go as we hoped for. You prevailed over the painting problems and created a masterpiece.

    Well done and "liked"

    • Thanks for the kind words, Louis. He got back from the 'Stan, ok. Just the usual let down. The "Brave Rifles" do, indeed, have a long and honorable heritage...the longest, continuously serving unit in the Army!

  2. Looks great! A fine tribute to your son's service. May he be and stay well.

  3. (paraphrasing that scene in "Battle of Britain"): "They can train... monkeys!... to build these things!" 🙂

    Very nice work, Tom. It is all like "riding a bicycle."

    I like this a lot and I'm sure your son will, too. Glad he's back safe and sound.

    • Thanks, Tom. It was different but the same...but I think I will pretty much stick to airplanes. I never was a big armor guy. In the summer of 1944, a tanker in France asked my Dad if he wanted a ride. He replied that he “preferred foxholes that didn’t move and attract attention”...

  4. Being mostly an aircraft modeler myself, I have been recently getting in a bit more armor builds and learning the techniques these armor guys have been using with great effects. Looks like you were paying attention, as this Stryker looks the part. Not bad at all Tom. Well done.

  5. Looks great! I'm like you - prefer airplanes, though you have to give it to the armor guys - they have some great subjects to work with!

  6. striking stryker tom...a fitting tribute to your pride and joy [son]...the dark shadows and paint are perfect and make a gorgeous replica...what a great salute to the "brave rifles"...and what a great family

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