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1/72 Scale Revell - PT-109

We all have hear about John F. Kennedy's life via the net, including newspaper print.
While walking around in the hobby shop one evening back in 2012, I came across this scale PT-109 model made by . I ask "AL" at the check-out counter what he thought about the model and he said that it was a neat kit to build..."SOLD" was my answer.

I built the model right out of the box. I noticed that all the side paneling had raised lines to represent the long boards that made up the hull. What's a modeler to do as he/she has two choices? One is to carefully glue the model together without damaging any of the raised panel line's. Second choice is to sand off those panel lines and then scribe them back in.

I had lots of different size's of masking tape and choose my orange colored tape and proceeded to mask off those panels. I have two excellent scribing tools and choose one of them which did an excellent job as I have had lots of experience scribing panel lines.

The rest of the model went together per the kit instructions, including "drilling-out" the gun barrel holes in the twin 0.50 cal. machine guns. I had some left-over rope from one of my sailing ships, so I used it to rope off the front of the torpedo boat. I guess you would call that rope a "hand-hold" for the crew!

My paint has been acrylics for a couple of decades and I do not recall what grey color of paint I used on the model and remember this: "It's not what color that it painted on the model, but "how well it was applied."

I have several American, German and Russian "Submarines" so maybe I'll post them here on "iModeler."


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  1. Thanks...but every model can have some problems, and I see some in my ship models, like "I did not sand the propellers to a fine edge"

  2. Thanks for posting, Rodney. Great tribute to JFK!

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