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Another Tamiya Spitfire Mk.IX

I’m not going to go into a ton of detail on this build since there are hundreds of WIP builds on this bird out there, but to say it’s many mini-kits in one, is an understatement. After some research I chose ’s version to replicate. Every time I build an actual warbird flown by an actual pilot, I’m astounded by what these men did when they were all so young.

The Engine

If the P-51 Mustang was the Cadillac of U.S. fighters, the was Rolls-Royce of British fighters. Literally—since it was powered by that legendary Rolls-Royce Merlin engine. Which I guess is where this build starts.The engine itself is a gem and everything fits very well. Those thin engine panels fit “pretty good” I was very skeptical that they would stay in place with those itty-bitty magnets, but they do—along with the prop.

The Finishing

I took one look at the multi-piece wing decals and said, “Hell no.” So I purchased some Motex masks for the roundel insignias and painted those on as well as the leading wing edge markings. The paints are all Vallejo Model Air. I have way too many of these colors already, so I wasn’t about to buy the “RAF Day ” color set, so I experimented with color combos of what I have already had and custom mixed the ocean gray, sea gray and cream. The OD green is straight out of the bottle. Is it exact? No idea, but it looks good enough for me.

I got real sick of fighting with my cheap airbrush, so my son & I finally broke down a got a Iwata. What a difference. So, I actually pre-shaded the panel Iines on this build. I tried to keep this not too distressed, but I might have overdone the flaps. With that, there’s really not much else to say. I present you my version of Johnnie Johnson’s Supermarine Spitfire EN398. Comment away, keep building!

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11 responses

  1. What an absolute gem of a model... It looks as if you took a real one and shrunk it down to 1/32 size. The engine and cockpit details are incredible ! Well done my friend, and the choice to paint on the roundels worked out wonderfully. If they were still doing the "model of the month" contest, this one would be a serious contender for the title. I seriously mean this. It's THAT good !

  2. Not really a Spit fan but that looks great! Just the right amount of weathering, work on the engine looks convincing too.

  3. I am not an RAF expert, even less when it comes to paints, but your mixes sure looks good, and I mean spot on good.
    Beautiful model and very eye catching on it’s details. Well done!

  4. My, oh my that's an excellent looking Spit, Matt. Also great pics that really show off the fine detail you accomplished here. Shame on Louis for posting two builds, I'll have to have a talk with that boy.

  5. Nice job, Matt. Love the build on the Merlin. Hmmmm...when do we get to see a Griffon? Again, nice build.

  6. Very sharp looking Spitfire. Nice detail work!

  7. All of the above, great work!

  8. Thanks for the comments gang. I know 100rds of builders have executed this model, but each time it’s your first build it feels original to you. Again, thanks for for the positive comments. Here’s to a great new year. Best to our good friend David. @dirtlittlefokker

  9. Nice one Matt. Looks great, love the camouflage and weathering. Good job.

  10. Although one can get kinda "tired" of seeing the more common subjects, one never tires of seeing such a nicely completed model! That is just a beautiful Spit!

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