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MiG Group Build, Tamiya 1/48 MiG-15 bis, People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) Korean War

This article is part of a series:
  1. MiG Group Build : 1/48 Tamiya MiG-15 bis, Captain Pavel Milauszkin, 176 IAP / 324th IAD, Korea 1952.
  2. MiG Group Build, Tamiya 1/48 MiG-15 bis, Major Nicolay Shkodin, 147th GIAP, 5 victories Korea July 1953
  3. MiG Group Build, Tamiya 1/48 MiG-15 bis, People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) Korean War

This model was built after I was inspired by a fantastic MiG-15 that was built by Tzigkounakis Tasos @t-tasos

I saw the splendid camouflage pattern he painted on his MiG, and I knew that someday I would be building one like his. Along came the MiG group build, and it was the perfect excuse and timing to do it. Years ago I saw a similar paint scheme on a 21st Century Toys MiG, but I failed to purchase it then. I knew that someday I just had to get it done… so I was off and running. Be warned however that the “Bort” number on the nose is fictional. I made it up using the kit decals and swapping them around a little.

This model was part of the MIG Group Build and it was built along with two other Tamiya MiG-15 kits at the same time. I also wanted a jet fighter flown by the People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) during the Korean War for my MiG collection, so this one fit the bill perfectly.

This kit was finished last night. It went together very nicely, and no filler was needed during construction. Model Master enamels were used throughout the build, and a build journal can be seen by following this link.

I built 3 1/48 scale Tamiya MiG-15 models so far, and have one left that I will complete at a later date. Since then, I have obtained a Trumpeter MiG-15 in 1/48 scale, kit number 02806. These Tamiya kits go together very nicely, but it will be interesting to see how they compare to the newer Trumpeter model. I will most likely find out soon, when we start our Korean War Group Build in next June.

Not many people know this, but there were Soviet pilots flying MiG-15’s in combat against the UN Forces during the Korean War. They flew in planes that had Chinese or North Korean markings on them, and were forbidden to fly over UN held territory for fear of being captured if they were shot down. These Soviet pilots were given orders not to allow themselves to be captured alive, in order to maintain secrecy with their involvement during the conflict.

There was also a gunnery training film that was made by the US Air Force during the Korean War. In this film, they showed that the MiG-15 was best “attacked” when fired upon from this position. This “angle” made the fuselage appear larger and gave more area for the .050 caliber bullets to impact the fuselage, thereby increasing the odds of damaging or downing the MiG. The MiG-15 was a fairly tough plane, and often made it home after receiving numerous hits from .050 caliber weapons.

Here are two photos showing this “preferred” angle of attack…

These last few photos show the 3 MiG-15 kits that I built for the project. I had the Gardner “Iron Werks” up and running at full speed, but on occasion it was shut down for a short while due to “life” getting in the way with my wife’s ongoing battle with cancer. She’s one tough little lady. Tougher than any MiG-15 !

I have to thank Tom Bebout, @tom-bebout

for sending me this fantastic base, on which I have the model displayed when I took the pictures.

I also want to thank Dmitry Stropalov @starfar

for his assistance with the proper colors that were used on these MiG jets, and

Sebastijan Videc @inflames

for extending the group build until the end of December. had he not done this, I couldn’t have completed these last two models in time to make the deadline.

Thanks also go out to all of you who followed these build journals… your comments helped to keep it a fun build.

As always, comments are encouraged, and may we all have a safe, healthy, prosperous and Happy New Year…

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25 responses to MiG Group Build, Tamiya 1/48 MiG-15 bis, People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) Korean War

  1. No fair posting two builds right after I posted my Spit 😉 I’ll never get any comments.
    Nice builds Louis! Happy new year

  2. Sweet camo jobs on both MiGs!

    • Reinhard, @grimreaper
      I sincerely appreciate the compliments on the MiG builds. Hearing this from you means a lot…………….You posted a fantastic looking Me-262 (yesterday I think ??) and it has to be my favorite that I have seen in a long while, due to it’s wonderful camouflage paint work. However it’s in some really good company with Matt’s wonderful 1/32 scale Spitfire. It’s a toss up as to which one of these two models I just mentioned are my favorite among the planes out of all those that have recently been posted. Then lets not forget about Pedro’s Rocha’s Eduard FW-190 A8 from JG 5 “Artic Wurger”. That one is another contender for the model of the month if I was to pick for December.

      You guys are the masters of spraying camouflage.

      Happy New Year !!

  3. Ok Louis I give up…I thought you couldn’t build a more interesting Mig 15 than that North Vietnamese green dappled devil but after seeing this one I am not that sure anymore.
    I really like this one but then again what’s not to like in a fancy three tone stripe camouflage? All the work you put in this model looks very solid and it’s one of your best paint works IMO. It’s a great kit to end a very fruitful modelling year, despite all challenges life put in your way. A happy new year to you and the family, may it bring about better times

    • Pedro my friend, @holzhamer

      This has been an interesting build. I thought I had messed things up with this one when I smudged the paint right after I sprayed the final color on. Luckily for me I was able to save it, and now it looks even better than it did before the mistake…………..This one is my favorite camouflage scheme out of all the MiG’s I have built so far. Something about it just really pops.

      These Tamiya MiG-15 models build up very well and are fun to assemble. I received a 1/48 scale Trumpeter MiG-15bis as a Christmas present, and I’m curious to see how it builds when compared to the Tamiya model. The fit and ease of assembly on the Tamiya kit is a big plus. Let’s hope the Trumpeter kit goes together just as nicely. I’ll find out later this year when we do the Korean War GB, if things go as planned.

      But with everything that has happened to us during 2019 with my wife and her battle with cancer, and now her son with his “problems” too, I honestly don’t know what to expect for 2020. Life has been a challenge occasionally this year for us. But I think we have become stronger because of this.

      Let’s hope and pray that 2020 is a much better year for all of us. If not for the medical problems I just mentioned, it would have been a very good year………….. There were a lot of nice new tool kits released this year, and I was able to grab a few of them.

      Here’s to 2020 !!! May it be filled with Happiness, Health, Prosperity, and Peace. It would also be nice to get the opportunity for some quality modeling time at the work bench…………..

      Happy New Year to you and your family.

  4. Nicely done Louis, the Iron Works just keeps chugging along.

  5. That’s a really cool looking camo scheme. Great job, as always, Louis!

  6. Louis my friend,Iam so happy because you inspired from my Mig,but believe me yours is a very very nice model too,it’s a great job congratulations.
    Happy new year to you and to your family.

    • Thank you very much for the kind words my friend !!! @t-tasos

      Once I saw your PLAAF MiG-15 wearing it’s wonderful stripe camouflage, I knew that someday I would be building one like it. I used the pictures you posted of yours as a reference for laying out the camouflage patterns on mine. So without your help and inspiration from your model, this one would not be here now. I do remember seeing a larger one that was made by a company called 21st Century Toys for sale in a store one time many years ago. It might have been 1/32 or even a huge 1/18 scale. I wanted to buy it right then and there, but I didn’t have enough money at the time. When I went back a few days later to purchase it, it was gone………….

      The next time I saw the same camouflage pattern used, it was on your model, and I knew it had to be done, I just didn’t know when I would fit it into my build schedule. Along came this MiG Group Build, and the timing was almost perfect………………

      Thanks again for everything my friend.

      The inspiration for the build, and for providing the pictures which were extremely helpful when I laid out the patterns on mine. Your model looks perfect !!!!

      Happy New Year to you and your family.

  7. Mig Master Louis! Excellent work! Soviet pilots are who Royce Williams went up against in his F9F Panther.

    • Robert @roofrat
      Thanks my friend for the kind words. If things work out, we just might have an opportunity to build a Williams Panther jet when we do the Korean War GB in a few months. That’s an interesting fact about the encounter with the Soviet flown MiG’s. I learned something new here, thanks buddy. I have heard the story before, but didn’t know these planes he encountered that day were flown by Soviets.

      Happy New Year to you and your family.

  8. Heck Robert @roofrat, what has he not Mastered!

    Louis, yet another spectacular build. Very well done!

  9. Wonderful build and post Louis – great to see the Mig 15 trio together !
    Best wishes to you and yours for 2020!

  10. Wow Louis, love those tiger stripes! Great paint work, super eye catching!

  11. They come in threes seem like in any shape or form. Beautiful MiG’s and they are fun to build. Building the old Monogram kit years ago, and then building the Tam kit was so much a fulfilling project. Though the Monogram kit in shape is ok, it is actually a bit larger in size. As I have the 2 sitting side by side on the shelf. That scheme is well laid out and you pulled off a difficult one. Well done paintwork.
    A great way to end the year with a blast, and I want to wish you and Sandy a Happy and healthy New Year, you have overcome the challenges 2019 threw at you and the both of you still have great enthusiasm in not letting them stop from being a really great couple. Stay blessed and will have more to share as we not only start a new year, but a new decade. Can we say the roaring 20’s!

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