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Grumman F-14D Super Tomcat, AMK 1/48

January 26, 2020 · in Aviation · · 16 Comments

The model features a Grumman F-14D , BuNo. 164342, VF-2 "Bounty Hunters" of May 2003 Operation Iraqi Freedom

The kit does not feel very good

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  1. Tomáš, the model looks great from here, so can you tell us why the kit doesn’t feel good to you? I read some reviews/opinions a couple of nights ago about this kit, and the main criticism was about shape and engraved lines issues, but looking at your model is looks damm good

    • The model has shape errors and do not fit the parts too much. The use of joint sealants and pads is quite normal in this model. The surface of some parts is very poor. Front plate of the cab, connection of the front and rear fuselage, connection of motor nacelles with the fuselage ... I attach a few photos of the building.

      6 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  2. Parádní, bez ohledu na nedokonalosti.
    Těším se na vlastní stavbu.

  3. Tomas, shape errors aside, your build is perfect. I served on the flight deck of the USS Constellation "Connie" as we called her, during this time. I was Flight Deck Coordinator for VS-38, and spent a good deal of time standing around VF-2 birds talking to their FDC. You nailed the finish and look of this squadrons Tomcats, weathering is not over done, colors are near perfect, seriously well done!

  4. Hyper scale did a review and it was positive from the writers view point / engineering stand point.

    Another chap an Italian has come out with a review that is of interest and goes into a lot of details based on the drawings of Grumman. Back in the day artisans would use the drawings and would go into the field and take measurements of the 1/1 subject to build a mock up of the kit and then they'd panto-graph the kit down to scale to cut the molds. Using the company drawings,photos and measurements from going into the field to not only cross reference the subject taking their time seems to have promoted more accurate kits. . While contemporary modeling companies seem to us CAD drawings or they can now scan or use LIDAR to measure and use photos to better yet make mistakes or discrepancies are still made. Its rather ironic that this article is based on the drawing from Grumman and they can be suspect too. Its does point out some discrepancies in this kit. Which begs the question did Tamiya come up with a better mouse trap? One has to think of price too and what people will think is a fair trade off or what floats your boat. If certain parts of the model are 2 percent off or the wheels are too small a couple millimeters or the missiles are slightly under sized does one consider the price and other factors such ease of the build? In the end it boils down to what floats your boat and your wallet.

    Toma's even with the kits short comings it would appear that you have pulled the rabbit out of the hat and have some preformed some magic in making this kit look very respectable to the modeling community.

  5. You'd never know the kit had any shortcomings from looking at your excellent result!

  6. Nice looking Tomcat!

  7. Beautiful Build.

  8. Hello Tomas,
    Did not feel good, but looks absolutely fantastic.
    Even a compliment from the USN personnel that worked around this great airplane.
    I enjoyed your contribution and the excellent photography.
    Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

  9. This cat's definitely caught the mouse and got the cream. I feel the need for one.

  10. That's one beautiful Cat - the paintwork is awesome!

  11. very nice built Tomas I like a lot!

  12. moc hezka kocicka 😉

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