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1/48th Hasegawa F4U-7

October 9, 2020 · in Aviation · · 11 · 1.5K

Here's my just completed model of a -7 in USMC markings and it's not a 'whatiffer' but modeled after one I saw and photographed at the USMC Museum in Quantico, VA in May of 1967. The Vought F4U-7 was designed for and flown exclusively by the French Navy but after their service was completed several of them made their way back to the USA. The Quantico museum took possession of F4U-7 133710, still in French markings on arrival. They did some restoration work on it and painted it in spurious USMC markings for display. Eventually it was traded off for another Corsair type the USMC did fly. 133710 went thru several owners and flew the airshow circuit for a while. It was then cosmetically altered to represent an AU-1 and put into the gray/white paint scheme with Quantico markings. Presently it's undergoing repair after an accident but will likely be seen once again flying the airshow circuit.

The model was built with the True Details cockpit and wheels and PE belts from . It's finished with MM dark sea blue and decals from ye ole decal stash. I was unable to mount the full rocked load as seen in the two photos of the real Corsair. The pylon holes on the model were drilled out according to the indentations on the inside bottom wing halves but later when I attempted to mount the ten rockets I discovered that there was not enough separation between those pylons to allow enough spacing between the rocket fins so I just went with the six rockets instead of the full load of ten. Other than that aggravation the kit went together smoothly.

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  1. Interesting result. A "warbird" museum airplane.

    FWIW, the reason the rockets don't fit is the Hasegawa tails are a bit big. Sand down the fins and all is OK.

  2. Nice. That’s a different take and really well done.

  3. Nice looking machine, Jim

  4. A beauty it is, Jim.
    Great comparison with the real one.

  5. Nicely done Jim, she looks great. I see in 1967 the USMC Museum was in a rather sparse looking hand me down building/hanger. But those leathernecks are use to those things, likewise the USAF Museum at Wright Pat was much the same in the 60's.

  6. Another inspiring build Jim. Thanks for sharing both the photos of the -7 and the historical background. I like the fact that you build models of actual aircraft. This F4U-7 is certainly another feather in your Corsair Flight Cap. Semper Fi...

  7. Jim, Its nice to see a newly built "Jim Sullivan" Corsair, It lets me know your alive doing well !
    Your overall build looks really good, and your smooth paint works looks great. I really like the anti-glare area of the cowl. Is that flat/dull coated or a different shade of blue paint ?

  8. My appreciation and thanks to each of you for your comments about the F4U-7 build. Next up for me will be an FM-2 in progress now.

    Happy modeling to all.

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