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Messerschmitt Bf 109F-4, Royal Hungarian Air Force 1/48

January 29, 2020 · in Aviation · · 10 · 2.5K

Eduard Royal Class kit, decal N

My 9th 109 (does that mean I have to build 100 more? Well the stack of unbuilt kits in the corner of my cave may suggest that, but with a small diversion now and then to other planes and eras).

The matter in hand has been the subject of a “work-in-progress-aircraft” series – click the link to get the full tour;
This F-4 was flown by Hdgy. György Debrödy out of Uman in the Soviet Union on the axis side. He flew 172 combat sorties on the and shot down 18 aircraft. With the situation in Hungary he was recalled to home and continued flying 109's. On 16th November 1944 he were seriously wounded in a fight with a Yak-9, and never flew again.

Usually the Hungarian 109's wore the same colors as the Luftwaffe planes, and this one has the wings in standard camouflage, but with a repainted fuselage.

The kit has had a few modifications during the build, like the cockpit being detailed with boxes and wires, and the throttle-box being scrapbuilt. The navigationlights were fashioned from clear sprue, with a colored bulb inside. Ailerons and rudder has an angle to them, the controls naturally being positioned to correspond with these.
Painting is xtracolor clear for camouflage and humbrol matt for the nationalcolors and yellow areas. Valejo has been used for some details and the RLM66 dark grey is Tamiya matt acrylic. Testors matt acrylic has been used in places (RLM02), and the chrome parts are by Molotov Chrome pen.
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  1. This turned out Fantastic!


  2. There's nothing wrong with wanting to built 100 more 109's ! I'm sure it wouldn't be a problem finding a different paint scheme for each one too... : )

    This has turned out very nice, and I have enjoyed watching it come together, along with your other 109 build you currently have underway.

    Well done my friend, and a great big "liked" !

  3. Beautiful build, and an awesome colour scheme!

  4. Sharp. I always like Hungarian colors on planes.

  5. Very nice markings! Liked!

  6. Awesome details - cockpit really jumps out at you with everything showing so clearly, even in a pic. Love the scheme - the Hungarian markings and that mottled yellow nose is striking. Excellent build!

  7. Very colorful Messerschmitt, with great details.

  8. Love to see this classic aircraft in different colour schemes, well done.

  9. Awesome Job! I've got a Me-410 in the stash that I'm going to do in the Royal Hungarian Air Force scheme. I love doing alternate to the mainstream versions of classic aircraft.

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