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My First "SnJ Spray Metal Aluminum Model."

January 18, 2020 · in Aviation · · 3 Comments

This scale -3 model was made by .

It's been 31 years since I built this model and it was my first attempt to use the new "SnJ Spray Metal Aluminum" paint.

While attending the IPMS/USA Sacramento, California annual model contest in 1985, Scott Bell was selling the paint that he developed at one of the vendor's tables. I was really impressed with the paint as a few of my bare metal models did not look as good as his painted display items.

Time has passed me by as I do not recall its' price but over the year's I bought more of Scott's paint. I wrote stories and talked about his paint to the point that Scott started to give me "FREE" paint until he sold the business many years later. Scott also made "Copper, Gold, Brass and I think Steel." I got it all.

I never took a lot of 35mm color film "in-progress" photos back then so what you see is what you get.

I entered the model in the 1989 IPMS/USA National Convention in San Diego, California and to my surprise it was awarded a few trophy's.

I'll post my scale F7U-3M next!



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3 responses

  1. Good looking model Rodney, nice silver finish !

  2. Looks as good now as it did then Rodney. I'm not surprised you won a few awards!

  3. ALLAN & TONY:

    I got the idea that SnJ was better than the old "Metalizer" paint that I got at the hobby shop in the late 1970's. I don't remember who made it, but you could leave finger prints on it and some of it came off on your fingers. (even year's later).
    These photo's were taken way back then as written on the photos. When we moved from Colorado in late 2016, the two F7F Cutlass models still had that silver-looking shine. Long ago I learned to "never" put my models on a shelf in an open display area as kitchen grease floats through the air and it settled on my previous models and when I tried to clean off the grease, off came the decals and some paint.

    I gotta post the 2nd Cutlass which is in 1/48 scale. Both kits were easy to build, but rubbing out the SnJ paint with the polishing powder was a trip and a half!

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