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P-47N....Au Natural!

Hey All, My first post for 2020.

Also the first build in my personal tribute to build subjects, used during 1945, to commemorate the 75th anniversary of WW2.

This aircraft is the famous from the 318th FG 333rd FS based at Ie shime, Okinawa, 1945.

I know this subject has been done many, many times in all scales but I just had to have one on my shelf. The P-47N is my favorite version of the Thunderbolt and who can argue with the incredible nose art and pun from the thought/comments that the P-47 was originally deemed to be "Too Big and Too Heavy" as a fighter.

The , P-47N was built OOB but I used after market Super Scale decals and Ultra-cast wheels. Painted with various shades of Vallejo Metals and lightly weathered with artist oils as pin wash and dry brushing.

Enjoy! As always. KEEP IT FUN!

8 additional images. Click to enlarge.

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  1. A striking build, Gary, the headline photo is spectacular. Anyone ever standing beside a ‘47 will testify to that ‘2 Big and Too Heavy’ sentiment. That said, it has its very own beauty, every bit as much as a spitfire.

    Never made a Thunderbolt - despite it being a favourite. The NMF’s are particularly pretty - this is a lovely tribute.



  2. Outstand job on this, looks great!

  3. Well done Gary, the NMF is perfect. The weathering spot on. I have this kit as well and you may have just motivated me into putting it on the build list for this year. Excellent Jug. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks, Chuck. It's an older kit but still nice to build. I also built this kit when it first came out, using the kit scheme and decals.

      1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  4. Nice job Gary @gwskat. What can I say...I love Jugs, natural and heavy metal! I was just at the Lone Star Flight Museum yesterday and was in front of Tar Heel Hal. P-47's are big, but beautiful in my eyes.


  5. Very nice and a great job of metallizing and weathering

  6. This is an eyestopper in every way. Great metallics & weathering plus really good photographs make for a stunning result.

  7. Beautiful work as ever and a great start to the anniversary!

  8. Once there was a box on the shelf then poof a P-47N appears. Outstanding job Gary would be nice if it appear on a table in Columbus next month as it's a winner.

  9. Amazing work here Gary ! @gwskat
    I especially like how the bare metal looks. I have some Tamiya P-47's that are inching their way closer to the work desk... now that I have seen how nice yours is, it has inspired me to bump them up just a little closer to the top of the pile. : )

    I have been wanting to build Hun Hunter XIV, Tarheel Hal, and Major Eagleston's P-47 with the yellow nose and black skull and cross bones on the side of the cowling. Granted these planes have been build a lot by others, but they are my favorites and I wanted them for my collection.

    Thanks for sharing this beauty with us... It has everything going for it. From the aircraft type, to the nose art. It's a winner no matter how you look at it.


  10. I agree with all the above sentiments - a lovely Jug, great NMF work, and a nice scheme - that black and yellow tail adds some nice complexity to the scheme.

  11. Very nice Jug. I didn’t really have knowledge of the P-47 until I built one. Once you do, you can’t help but love them. Yours is a masterpiece. The NMF is top-notch.

    • Thank you much, Matt. I agree in regards to the P-47. From the early razor backs to the last clipped wing N, they are classics. Plenty of paint schemes and nose art to choose from. I need to build more of them! Now where'd I put those Tamiya kits...

  12. What a beauty! Awesome metal finish!

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