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“Wings of the Emperor”…or “The Empire of Japan” another thought for an upcoming Group Build

In addition to the “Korea the Forgotten War” group build that will last during the exact time frame as the war did, (only 70 years later), here’s another one I was thinking about.

This Group Build would be called “Wings of the Emperor”, or “The Empire of Japan”.

This idea and the Korean War ideas have been approved by the administrative staff here at Imodeler.

It would be more like a traditional group build, and would last until the end of the Year. Extensions could be made as necessary to allow most (if not all) of the projects ample time for completion.

Anything that was ever flown, operated, sailed, or driven by the Japanese could be a subject for a build.

This would include captured planes too, so there are a lot of choices in this one too. Anything could be done, from a shelf of doom rescue, to a brand new build.

Just as I mentioned in the Korean War GB, I might have to ask out on occasion for help with moderating it.

Please let me know your thoughts on this one as you did with the Korean War GB.

***** update ****** flash **** news alert *****

There has been talk about widening this idea to include various other things… I have thought about changing the name of this GB to “The Empire” or “The Wings of the Empire”.

This would allow for other subjects to include Star Wars stuff, and anything that was related to the Japanese Empire. This would open the door for various builds such as cars, ships or even a speed rail train as mentioned by one member… As it stands now, a Japanese aircraft carrier would qualify, since they had airplanes on board. We have wiggle room… as long as you can somehow link your build to the theme, it will work.

We could also simply call it “The Empire of Japan” and limit it to pre WW2 and actual WW2 involved subjects. From 1920 to the end of 1945 as an example……………. aircraft, ships, vehicles and armor.

This would tighten the focus back a little………… and I personally kind of like this better.

What say you ?

Thanks !

As always, comments are encouraged.

50 responses to “Wings of the Emperor”…or “The Empire of Japan” another thought for an upcoming Group Build

  1. Hi Louis
    Count me in for a Japanese aircraft build!
    Have plenty to choose from…………

  2. I’ve got a rescue I could use. Also, like i offered before, i could help moderate it IF you need it. I’m sure there are more qualified people than me, but I thought I’d offer.

  3. Where would be iModeler without your input and enthusiasm, Louis? Thanks for another great suggestion for a group build, but, not everyone wants to build models of military aircraft, how about extending it to something like “Great Japanese Designs”. It would then not only include Japanese aircraft but also ships, vehicles and other forms of transport (bullet train, anyone?). Since WWII the Japanese have designed and built all manner of innovative products, motorcycles and cars immediately spring to mind, opening up the group build to people who want to build non-military subjects. If this was successful we could have further group builds such as great British, American, Italian, French, German designs, there is no limit really. What do you and others think?

    • Hello George, @chinesegeorge
      It has been ages since I have talked with you………. Welcome back my dear friend.

      I have mentioned to David Leigh Smith about changing the name to “The Wings of the Empire” or simply “The Empire” to widen the spectrum of build possibilities…………

      This would then allow things such as Star Wars or anything that was somehow related to the “Empire” no matter where it was geographically located.

      This would give us a lot of leeway for additions….. Genius you are………..

  4. I can make the same offer as with the ‘Korea’ build – happy to cheerlead and more than happy to take an admin role if you’d have me. Hoping to get building by the Spring – so May even contribute a project.

    As George notes, extending the brief may widen the interest – I’d love to take a crack at an Imperial Carrier (though I guess that would be covered by ‘Wings of the Emperor’).


    • Welcome aboard David !!! @dirtylittlefokker

      We could widen the GB idea. Maybe we could call it Wings of the Empire ???? Or simply “The Empire” ???

      This could also then include things from Star Wars ??? This would be sure to draw you in like a moth to the flame…….. Why not with the Imperial carrier ???

      They had planes on them after all………….. Kaga, Hiryu, Soryu, Akagi …………. any of these ring a bell with you ??

      I will most likely have to reach out for an admin assistant, and since you have done this sort of thing in the past you know what all is involved. Consider yourself as “hired” !!!! should you decide to accept the mission. Help with this Empire and the Korean War GB would be greatly appreciated.

      We could also call it “The Empire of Japan” and limit it to pre WW2 and actual WW2 involved subjects. From 1920 to the end of 1945……………. aircraft, ships, vehicles and armor.

      This would tighten the focus back a little…………

      Thank you.

  5. Awesome news Louis. I’d love to commit now, but I’m going to wait until I’ve clear my current bench, then decide. I’ve one possibility in my stash and a few others I would like to do but I need to stay focused on the present. Plans are already in motion on the Korean GB. It’s amazing how much is out there that would fit for the USA, not to mention all the other NATO forces. 😉


    • Hello James @jamesb
      I completely understand. The Korean War GB is definitely a “GO” and is a sure thing since we had such a wonderful response with it.

      I want to wait until after the other group builds have completed (with the exception of the Korean War GB since it is so long), before I pull the trigger on this one. This was a food for thought type thing, and a way to iron out any kinks. I want to be able to include as many as we can, and would love to see you participate.

      The Korean War GB has a vast amount of subjects that can be done. I am anxiously awaiting that one to start.

  6. Louis, I do agree with David and George as well, in that a broader spectrum of models can and should be considered. I have no qualms with the thought of seeing a bunch of planes, however looking toward some current on-going builds, it should be noted that a variety of modelling genre could be depicted. My only concern would be broadening it to the point that it looses cohesion as a “focused” build.

    I for one (not that it matters) have some IJN ships that have stalled out early, as well as multiple Japanese cars that I wouldn’t mind working on. Same would be true if I had Japanese planes in the stash. 🙂 Looking forward to this build either way.

    • Andrew, @pb_legend

      I understand your thoughts on losing the focus of the group…………. I don’t want to do that by any means.

      But if we widened it to include some other things, we could still remain focused on our aircraft building. The only difference would be that some would build planes, and others would build ships, or cars. Like George had mentioned, even a speed rail would fit if we simply changed the name to “The Empire” or something like that. This way a person could even build Star Wars stuff should they desire……….

      The more, the merrier………….. We can all have fun, and that’s what this hobby is about.

      Thanks for your honest input. Me personally, I would be limited to building mostly Japanese aircraft, but I also have two Japanese tanks in the stash…………… so I do understand what you are saying.

      We could also call it “The Empire of Japan” and limit it to pre WW2 and actual WW2 involved subjects. From 1920 to the end of 1945……………. aircraft, ships, vehicles and armor.

      This would tighten the focus back a little…………

      I simply wanted others to be able to join in should they want to. This is why I included the option of building a stalled out project……….. Give a person a reason to finish up what they have started, and maybe breathe a little life back into an old build on the shelf of doom. We all seem to have one.

      Right now this is in the “talk about it” stage, and is not set in stone. We still have options……………… Thanks again.

  7. Great idea George @chinesegeorge, but I think that would get out of hand. Maybe what we should do is a Post WWII build up to (insert year) group, to limit the amount of subjects. Say 1945 to 1955 or further up to the Korean Action?

    I cut my teeth on 1/48 and then moved more into 1/35 and Diorama stuff, some I am open to all options.

    Food for thought? @lgardner

    • James, @jamesb
      This is exactly what I was asking for……………. good, honest feedback.

      This thought has been brought up by others as well. There was concern that the group cold loose it’s focus if we made it too big…………………. I have commented to others to see what their thoughts were too.

      I want this to be a huge success and have as many people involved that we can.

      But also like you mentioned, if you try to please everyone, you end up pleasing no one………. Maybe we will need to reign it in a little and keep the original intent, with anything Imperial Japanese aviation, naval or armor related.

      We could also call it “The Empire of Japan” and limit it to pre WW2 and actual WW2 involved subjects. From 1920 to the end of 1945 as an example……………. aircraft, ships, vehicles and armor.

      This would tighten the focus back a little………… I’ll edit the article to include this for more feedback.

      Thanks again buddy !!!

      Duly noted and the article has now been edited to reflect these ideas. Thanks !!!


  8. Louis, you already know my thoughts about this idea, the only factor that hinders me a bit is too many stuff, so little bench time. I’m thinking about entering either the omnipresent Zero or the Kate, both from Hasegawa. In desperate state, I have a shelf of doom project that really needs to be completed, Fine Moulds Oscar. Below are some images that gives you an idea about how far I’ve gone it’s this kit · on flickr · on flickr · on flickr
    • Pedro my friend !!! @holzhamer

      I have a few of the 1/48 scale Fine Molds kits that I might want to tackle during this group build when it starts. I have a Fine Molds Ki-10 / Type 95 Perry, several variants of the A5M, an A7M Reppu “Sam”, a Kikka (twin engine jet very similar to the Me-262), and some different versions of the Judy in the stash. The Judy kits are different in that one has a radial engine, while the other has an inverted V-12 similar to the Bf-109…………..

      Then I have a few Hasegawa 1/48 biplanes………… several of the F1-M “Pete’s” and one of the “Dave’s”. E8-N1 I think it was called ???

      But like you mentioned, there’s so many kits that I want to build, and so little actual time for building it seems lately. I also have a few other projects that I want to get done………….. namely a Do-17, and some Mustangs. I also have some WW1 kits that have been calling my name rather strongly………….. The ICM He-111 is not to far from being done either, and it really should be finished as well. This doesn’t include the Monogram B-24, as I plan on finishing it up in the next month. Look for an update on that one very soon……………….

      There’s no reason why you can’t bring your Oscar to the bench and finish it if you want to.

      There’s also no problem with adding a model to this group build that has already been started, since there is no “new build” requirement………………. and by the look of the pictures you posted, it is going to be one fantastic looking model !!!! I like what I’m seeing here ……

      Thanks for the comments.

  9. My favorite WWII warbirds tend to be aircraft of the IJN and I possess a number Galactic Empire ship kits from Star Wars so I’m all for (and stocked) for this.

  10. Well – our contest theme for our April 2020 event is “Made In Japan,” and here’s how we define it:

    If it originated* in Japan or depicts Japanese life, history or culture, it qualifies. Samurai, Russo-Japanese war, WWI and WWII, current, autos, gundam, sci-fi.

    * refers to the subject, not the country in which the model kit was manufactured.

    Sci-fi would be captured by those originating from Japanese TV shows (culture).

    I’ve already got several builds in progress and would be happy to add a few more – I’ve ratcheted up my interest in Japanese aircraft lately…

    Let me know if there is a pre-start restriction, as I’ve already posted at least one build I did for our upcoming show, and if you want to restrict to only new builds (starting with the announcement of the GB), I’m fine with that!

    Here’s a pic of our show flyer

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

    • Hey Greg !!! @gkittinger

      This is some fantastic information ………. Thank you very much for posting this flyer here. If you don’t mind, can I “Borrow” your club’s idea and run with it here ?? I am still not decided on exactly how this one will play out……………….. But I do want to have a Group Build here on Imodeler that will allow Japanese subjects from 1920 to the end of 1945 as the bare minimum.

      This idea for the Group Build is still in the pre planning stages so I can make adjustments accordingly ……………..

      As far as a pre start restriction, I hadn’t thought about that. Your recent Ki-61 is absolutely stunning by the way………………. Let me think about that, since I have made allowances for builds that have been started and have stalled out…………… Hopefully this might clear up a few of our “shelf of doom” projects.

      Great idea Greg !!!! Thanks again, and I look forward to seeing you build up a few more 1/72 scale Japanese planes during this one.

    • well, dang, that sound like fun! From Zeke’s to Gundams, to Nissan race cars, from samurai figures to space battleships would eligible. Too bad I’m in Connecticut.

  11. Perfect more to add to the build list, I wasn’t quite sure which Japanese aircraft to build as I have several in mind, I was leaning towards the Fine Molds Judy and or the Hasegawa Tenzan….maybe both.. Either way I was planning to build at least one this year. I’m in.

    • Hello Chuck, @uscusn
      I look forward to seeing what you have in store for us…….. Whatever you decide to build, I’m sure it will be fantastic. There’s no reason why you can’t build both planes you mentioned. You might even manage to get a few Tamiya “Pete’s” done : )

      I’m looking forward to seeing your work my friend. Your build journals are always so detailed.

  12. I’m in, what ever the details, Recently acquired an old Nichimo kit of the Ki-9 Spruce trainer, Maybe I’ll do it up as one my Dad came upon in Korea in 1945. The pics he took were black and white so I’ll be guessing on the color scheme.

    • Thanks Robert @roofrat
      That sounds like a great plan to me…………. and I would really like to see those pictures !!! If you want to send me a PM about them, I might be able to help you decipher what colors they could have been. I managed to locate a color photo of something similar to what you are talking about.

      I remember my Dad telling me about some Yak fighters in and around Kimpo when they helped take the airfield shortly after the Inchon landing. I plan on building one of these Yak’s for the same reason you mentioned with the Ki-9 Spruce. I personally like the Nichimo kits, especially the Ki-43 Oscar.

      I’ll be looking forward to seeing your build come to life. Thanks Bob !!!

      • You can see them in a post from mar 2017 that I submitted in imodeler. here’s one of them. @lgardner

        1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  13. I’d say keep it narrow to pre-WWII through WWII Japan. As for ships, tanks, figures, that would be cool. I have a Kate I need to build so……maybe……? I have a couple of kits ahead of me then I’ll see. The Kate was a gift, and I’m trying hard to build the kits my family has gotten me before I head off other areas, so it would work for what I am currently doing for sure!

    • Hey Rob, @robertandy
      I have been getting the same vibes, especially after reading the excellent feedback we have been receiving. Many fear the group would lose it’s focus, if we made it too open. Personally, I was thinking about anything the Japanese used from the very end of WW1, up until 1946, shortly after WW2 ended. I want to include tanks, ships, vehicles, aircraft, weapons, anything basically from this era. If someone wanted to build a civilian looking Japanese trawler that would work too, since they were used as picket boats offshore and equipped with radios to report what they saw.

      So I am thinking about anything Japanese from 1918 to 1946………………..

      Your Kate would fit the bill, but I understand (and commend you) for keeping your priorities in line.

      Thanks again for the honest feedback. Perfect.

  14. I’ve got a couple ideas and would be happy to do at least one a/c, Louis.

  15. I’m in – I’ll start thinking – it’ll be a plane. With moving house I way over-committed last year. This’ll be a late year thing – but I wouldn’t miss one of your GBs for anything!

  16. OK, that took all of 3 minutes….

  17. I tried to reply to your message John, but for some reason, the picture of the Zoki Mura J7W1 that Paul posted kept coming up when I hit the reply button………….. So I’ll have to respond here instead of directly below your name……………. The same thing happened when I tried to reply to Paul, so I will combine my answer to you guys here instead…………..

    Hello John, @j-healy
    I’m looking forward to seeing what you pick…………….. Thank you for joining our group !!!

  18. Hello Paul, @yellow10
    I would be honored to have you join us. There has not been a time set for this Group Build just yet………….. It might start in a few months, and it could last up to a year. I can always extend it to help others cross the finish line with their builds if necessary. So don’t worry too much about when you can start. Right now it is more important to get your house in order after the move. Please tell the misses and your boys that we said hello !!

  19. Hello straight back to you and Sandy, Louis – the rains came in buckets! We nearly flooded!

  20. I must be missing something…when is the start date?

    • Hello Stephen, @stephen-w-towle

      No, you haven’t missed anything. This was simply a post to see how much interest was generated on the subject. I had several ideas for future group builds and was testing the water to see if it warranted the “Green Light-GO”. I have received the blessing from Imodeler admin to proceed with these two.

      I’m happy to say that I have decided to go ahead with this Japanese group build and the Korean War build as well, since both ideas were very well received. The Korean War GB will start on June 25th, and last until July 27th, 2023 following the actual dates of the War, only 70 years later. This one will last a little over 3 years long…………and anything used in the Korean War can be built. Planes, Armor, ships, vehicles, etc., , This will cover all equipment from both sides, UN and the Communist Forces.

      The dates and final “formalities” for this Japanese group build have yet to be set, and I will definitely send out a reminder when it get’s closer to the start date. This way it will give our members a chance to get their projects lined up.

      This Japanese one will most likely start some time around April, and last about a year, more if needed. I wanted to wait until our other group builds have ended, before another one was started.

      As it stands right now, I’m looking at any Japanese subject, from 1918 through 1946. This will include any and all aircraft, ships, vehicles, armor, or weapons such as artillery, edged weapons or small arms. I tossed in the edged weapons thing in case someone wanted to build a “Samurai” / Katana sword.

      The actual group build name is yet to be set in stone, and there is an allowance made for people to enter previously started kits. This might help out our “shelf of doom” we all seem to have, and just might give that little extra kick to finish up what we have started………

      Thanks for the interest, and I hope to see you join us when the time comes.

      Thank you my friend.

  21. There is a house in New Orleans
    They call the Risin’ Sun
    And it’s been the ruin of many a poor boy.
    And God, I know I’m one.


    How about “The Sword and the Rising Sun” for a title.

    Lord knows I’ve ruined many a model in a house. The poor boy I be.

    • Stephen, @stephen-w-towle

      Good one !!!! I have also heard this very song has it’s original roots to back in the 1800’s. They really don’t know who the original composer was, as it was reportedly played and sung around campfires in the old days by pioneers and gold prospectors…………..

      I like you minor changes to the lyrics better. I too know the house of the rising sun. 🙂

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