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‘iModeler at the Movies’ – Part 6

This is brilliant. Dmitry made this exotic bird from the film, ‘Seven Brave Men’.

It’s not often you come across an aircraft you’ve never heard of in these parts, but this was a totally unexpected build.

I really enjoyed this - still haven’t watched the movie, but it’s on the list for that rainy Sunday.


Another build from ‘2001; A Space Odyssey’

This time, Rob Anderson’s ‘Pan Am’ space clipper.

Looks as though he had some fun building it, too!


Here’s another half built project by your host.

Life. Time. Meaning. Happiness. The pursuit of small things (unlike a 25 foot great white shark...). We are all working to an ultimate deadline... and none of us will make it. It’s why this hobby is so important. Joy.

I’ll get this finished, hopefully this year. Maybe not. Enjoy the journey, brothers.

Dave Mills’ MiG ‘28’ from Top Gun? Sábor, this one is ‘didn’t even get out the box’ category. Great idea, though...


Bell X-1 from ‘The Right Stuff’ by Tom Cleaver.

@tcinla thanks for supporting the group.

And another from ‘The Right Stuff’ -

This from the brilliant Tommy Killander


One of the most ambitious (and sadly unfinished) builds is from the ever popular Peter Hausmann. Just take a look at this...stunning work fro ‘Bridge over the River Kwai’...

@tecko if you are out there, please come back to us!

More tomorrow, o need to lie down...and watch a movie.

Happy modelling.

17 responses

  1. All the rest who participated, you really turned this into a fun project. I'm amazed by the level of talent and real creativity and imagination so many exhibited. It's just nice to be here among you.

  2. David, got to admit that your GB idea really brought several stunning projects to highlights. In fact it’s damm hard to pick one that stands above, all are good models and some are viciously good really. Congratulations for the successful GB

  3. Tom, I’m really happy that the work fun has come up a few times in the threads that have been posted. The Group has really made me rethink my take on this hobby, with the mindset of “what would be fun to build?”

  4. Thanks, Pedro. I can see from the reluctance for anyone so far to post what they think is the ‘best’ build that I have perhaps misjudged my fellow iModelers. As you have said, it’s hard to judge any one project above others, and maybe we don’t need a ‘winner’ - which, more than anything, reinforces just how damn fine this site is.


  5. They are all winners !

  6. Very imaginative! Great project idea. Everyone rose to the occasion on this one.

    “Bridge on the River Kwai”! Outstanding!

    Somebody needs to step up and diorama-ize Steve McQueen’s “Great Escape” jump over the fence.

  7. So many great builds. So many. We need more of these types of group projects. Passion comes to the top when this hobby sparks memories. Thanks for leading the charge doesn’t say enough. You’re the best David.

  8. Thanx for hosting this groupbuild - will cast my vote later - need to go through them all again!

    What was the rule? - can you vote for more than one and then it's winner takes it all at some date?

    This has been a real pleasure to follow! Hope to be able to join the nwxt one that pops up here on imodeler.

    • If you feel like voting, just do so, Erik - no real rules, just post on one of the threads saying which model you like best (and why would be nice). I get the feeling most folk around here are happy to let the photos speak fro themselves in terms of quality.

      That said, I do have a prize I want to give away...


  9. David@dirtylittlefokker,

    Many congratulations to you on bringing this GB home to fruition despite life's slings and arrows.

    Many many many congratulations, to all those who, just got on with it and bought projects to completion or who are in the process of doing so at this very minute!

    For those of us whom, the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, prevented from completing projects or even (ahem!) starting them @davem ( although the box did get into the pile, that absolutely, definately, at all costs, must be completed this year (2019/20) come what may, ... honest... oh dear!)... there is always another Oscar ceremony next year... maybe... just maybe... with a bit of luck!

  10. Some excellent and creative projects among this GB. I will have to say my favorite is your Orca David, both for the TLC of the work, and the literary quality of the build thread!

  11. thank you @dirtylittlefokker for opportunity to be part of this plastic story,
    thank you for the mentions, and i feel guilty for not finishing last model, but it will be in near future.

  12. Congratulations David! (@dirtylittlefokker ) This GB brought so many nice builds! Keep this type of challenges coming

  13. Thanks, Pedro.

    Things wobbled a bit from halfway through 2019 - and as we all know, life can sometimes kick you in the sprues. I am really glad to have brought the Group home, though. Still one more post to go - part 8 (cannot believe the response to this GB) - then we can stand down.

    Appreciate your support, Pedro.


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