Airfix 1/48 Spitfire Mk 22

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Hello, fellas. Hope you are all safe and having a good time buiding models at home!

This kit has been reviewed several times. It was great when it came out (1996, IIRC), but has since been surpassed by 's new releases. The cockpit is very basic, with only molded wall detail. If you don't wish to add aftermarket to it, closing the canopy may be a good idea, considering the beautiful, fluid lines of this Spitfire mark. That was the plan, but the bubble canopy in my kit was unusable: it didn't come close to fitting in the closed position, and it was even worse open, sitting way above the rails. I used a spare from the parts bin, originally from Academy's Mk XIVe. The fuselage is still a bit wider and it is not yet glued, just gently pressed into place. Very small cracks already appeared, so I may have to order a vac replacement in the near future...
One curious bit I don't recall reading in the many available reviews: the elevator trim tabs are nicely engraved on the top surfaces, but absent on the lower, so I simply scribed them. The two little boxes on the upper wing, just above the flaps, must be removed and their outline scribed if you build the kit with its flaps up.
On the bright side, even being a very simple kit, it has nice surface detail, and very thin trailing edges on the flying surfaces.
The build was OOB with only tape harnessess added to the seat and some minor refinements such as drilling the gun muzzles and exhausts. It was painted with Vallejo Air Silver and Chrome for the gun panels and trim tabs - these aircraft were painted silver, but I think it looks a bit toy like without a little color variation. Weathering was light, with a bit of pastel chalk for the exhaust stains and a panel wash with oils.
As always, all feedback is welcome.
Thanks for looking and stay safe!

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  1. Very nice build, Thiago. Looks fantastic with the silver paint.
    All the best!

  2. Nice! Looks great. I think this was coolest looking Spitfire design.

  3. Beautifully done! Love these "muscle-ey" spits - all those bulges and big guns hanging off the front end.

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