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D-Day C-47 Skytrain

Well, it’s 9:15 p.m. Central and I just finished mowing my Dad’s yard. Now that work is over, I can contribute to the D-Day build.

I know I said I could get this done in two weeks, and I probably could, but a Gloster Javelin, Yak-38, MiG-29, XF5F Skyrocket, Vought V-173 and Northrop N9M all had to interfere!

This is the Monogram kit reissued just in time for the group build, and it is still a wonderful kit. More than enough cockpit detail that you will never see and a nice set of aluminum style troop seats. (FYI, the seat belts on every seat are different, not carbon copies of one another. Nice touch!) I did open the door to the lavatory and removed the door to the cockpit.

For those who know my work, you will immediately notice that this is not the usual clean pampered airplane I normally build. This one has been through the ringer! I started by applying the invasion stripes. (Probably WAY too cleanly judging from the photos I’ve seen!). The decals in this kit were excellent, and I probably could’ve used the stripes, but decided paint was the way to go. I then applied a coat of Testors metallic silver via the fizz bomb method followed by heavy preshading. Then the OD and grey, glosscote decals and dullcote. (Love the smell of it!) I then proceeded to chip the paint away from strategic locations. I probably could have used a little more restraint as it kinda looks as though it flew through a flock of Canadian Geese, but I’ll see what you all think. I then followed up with some pastel exhaust streaks and some radial engine puke compliments of Testors “grease and oil”! Hope you guys like it! (BTW, sorry I didn’t glue the wheels on and just noticed the starboard one had become dislodged from the strut. I guess that pilot will be fired.)

14 additional images. Click to enlarge.

23 responses to D-Day C-47 Skytrain

  1. Lookin’ good, Josh. I hope you did as well on your Dad’s yard !

  2. Looks great Josh. I like the worn look of the aircraft compared to the fresh and newly painted invasion stripes.

  3. Josh,
    Ah, mowing the lawn…something I did from the 1950s up until 2002, when we got a house with a gardener! It is, however, good exercise.
    Your C-47 is really nice, and your photography very creative. Pretty airplane. Another vote for Monogram. Many thanks!

    • Yes, I get to do mine and his! He has about three and a half acres and fortunately a riding mower. Unfortunately it had been giving me fits and tonight was the first night I was able to do it all in one shot so it doesn’t look all patchy! Pesky fuel filters always clogging up with gunk!

  4. Very appropriate D-Day addition, Josh…..and it probably closely replicates what those birds looked like that day. Nice work.
    By the way, the yard will need mowing again in a couple weeks…lol

  5. A D-Day build wouldn’t be complete without a C-47 particulary one as well done as yours.
    Looks like your pilot could have as serious a problem as mine. Yours is about to lose a wheel.

  6. great chipping and wear…you should do a tutorial…magnificence…hold the line brother

  7. Fabulous model, Josh, and so right for D-Day. I love the contrast between the invasion stripes and the well weathered look of the rest of the aircraft. The outside photographs are great, as well. Overall a great job. One of the advantages of living in a fifth floor apartment near the city centre is that I never have to do any gardening, but I do miss the smell of freshly mown grass!

  8. Great finish there Josh.
    I like the chipping and wear effects etc.
    As for cutting the grass, we live in a first floor flat, but remember as a kid having to mow the lawn for pocket money, well it paid for the kits I made back then.

  9. Stellar build Josh. Love the C-47, great work.

  10. Josh,
    Very nicely done and worth the wait to see it completed. Those pilots and crews of the C-47 really put theirs lives on the line during D-Day. Many were lost along with many C-47’s.
    I have to go now and mow my lawn. Quite frankly (pardon the pun) I enjoy it.
    Great work Josh.

    • Yeah, I don’t mind mowing the lawn. Anything to get outside, but I don’t like trying to be a mechanic at the same time. Your C-47 is looking pretty good as well. Too bad they don’t make a 1/48 Waco CG-4 to tow behind them.

  11. Wonderfully realistic.

  12. Great build Josh ,I like the weathering and the outdoor photo’s very clever and well thought out,thanks for taking part Josh.

    • I should probably do a little more weathering on some of my builds just for practice. This is the first plane I really weathered with a vengeance. Usually I do very little or none at all. I do have a Fine Molds Millennium Falcon calling to me from the shelf. That will give me a chance to utilize a wash (after some practice as I’ve never done one.) Did you happen to notice the props? This plane was maintained at some point!

  13. Very nice work on the old classic.

  14. I thought the errant wheel was flak damage:) Nice job even though it’s not NMF!

  15. Looks awesome! It looks like it has took a fair battering!

  16. Well, Josh ( @jpatt1000 ) I’m a little late to this party by 4 years, but I really like your C-47. I have that 1:48 Monogram version deep in my stash – it’s the original boxing, but I really like it.

    My first ride in an airplane WAS on a DC-3.

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