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Another Reno Racing F8F-2 Bearcat.

March 8, 2020 · in Aviation · · 5 · 2.3K

Do I have the right "id" number on this model? I added some "PE" parts to the cockpit, but left out the "PE" parts for the wheel wells. I must have had a photo and/or a drawing of the wheel wells, otherwise I would have used the PE parts.

I did make one mistake in finishing the model but I will let you viewer's tell me what it is.

As usual I applied 's gloss white paint, then added the decals that Dave made for me and overcoated the entire model with FFW (Future Floor Wax). The FFW is always thinned with 4 parts of Denatured Alcohol,(DA) and the same with all my Tamiya paints.

Enjoy! RJW

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5 responses

  1. Nice work.
    The little mistake, in my eyes, is the position-lamps in the wing tips. According to the photo they seem smaller and with white glass, not coloured.

  2. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Nice modeling Rodney, very good work on the white, as well as the lettering and numerals.

  3. Rodney, I don't see any problems, and its nice enough I wouldn't care.
    I believe I saw this airplane race on an episode of "Wide World of Sports" !, I remembered it was narrated by the actor Cliff Robertson and it was the first time I had ever seen or heard of a Bearcat.
    Very well done !

  4. Beautiful as usual! I remember alway watching the Reno Air Races on Wide World of Sports back in the mid 60's. Slovak, Greenamyer, et al. Pretty heady stuff for a teen age boy who wanted to (and did) grow up to be a fighter pilot.

  5. Nice and difficult work.

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