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Roden 1/144th Douglas C-133A Cargomaster

March 27, 2020 · in Aviation · · 13 Comments

Given the current situation have been making best use of stay at home instructions. The good weather here has helped also. Therefore taking pictures of recent builds and given myself some little projects to help pass time.

This is the C-133A Cargomaster completed with Caracal Decals. Roden kits do vary in construction quality though this one was fairly straight forward and went together without too many difficulties.

Caracal decals are a really good company and their decals are a real pleasure to work with.

Overall pleased to have this large American transport amongst my collection and hope one day Roden will add such British classics as the Beverley, Hastings and Argosy to their range.

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  1. Beautiful model. Can you explain you painting process?

    • I first spray white all over. Then those areas remaining white have the colour density built up in several coats until satisfied a good solid white established. This is then clear coated for protection and when fully cured masked fully.

      The International Orange areas were then sprayed using Gunge Aqueous H-14 Orange. This then also masked fully.

      The aircraft was then primed with Vallejo Surface Primer Gloss Black. Finally Silver sprayed, though which one I used now I forget. It was either Gunge or Vallejo Metal

      Then off with the masking after a short prayer!

  2. That's a beautiful job Mark. And what a fantastic looking plane, your efforts making it look stunning.
    I generally find Roden kits sufficiently detailed, but not "shake and bake". Their subjects are typically very interesting (is there anything not to love in a C-133?).
    Keep strong, my friend.
    All the best!

  3. That is a really impressive looking model. You did a great job, and it looks impressive even in that small scale. I have been in some of those big lifters of the 1950's and 1960's. They are really impressive in scale considering they are propeller driven. I think you captured that really well in your build.

  4. I love this model and it appears that Mark did a darn good "overall" job.
    I have built a couple of 1/144th & 1/72 scale cargo models and most all of them are what I call "BM" models;(Bare Metal). I would apply my white color first, then mask it off and shoot on the "BM" color. When I apply the "BM" color first, then mask it and added the other colors..then the "BM" comes off sometime's when you take off the masking tape.


  5. Fantastic! If I ever get though my 1/72 stash, I'd love to do some of these larger transports in 1/144.

  6. Mark, this is a terrific job on a plane that you don't see modeled very much. When I was a young pilot flying the C-141, we had a bunch of flight engineers who had a ton of hours on the C-133. They would always talk about the "good old days" in the Cargomaster. You could always tell the old flight engineers because their flight engineer's wing had a propeller on them.

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  7. Great job! Looks fantastic. I've a C-119 of Roden waiting in my stash.

  8. The Weenie Wagon! I remember seeing one of these sitting at Don Muang Airport when I was there to catch the Freedom Bird and was really hoping they weren't going to stick us in that thing (they didn't). Impressive-looking airplane then and an impressive-looking model now.

  9. Wonderful build!

  10. Nicely done Mark, even at 1/144 scale it has to be a fairly large model. I like it.

  11. just awesome

  12. Great build! Thanks for sharing the way how you painted it. Based on my bad experience with Roden decals, I think, using Caracal decals is a must.

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