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March 25, 2020 · in Aviation · · 6 · 1.9K

I bought the front section of this kit and made some revisions to it. I went "Gung-Ho" as we call it here in America and "hand crafted" several more parts. I had no plans, nor measurements so I just looked at a few photos I had. Remember, this was before I had "internet" service, in fact I don't think it was invented in the late 1980's.

I worked with sheet plastic that I got at the local hobby shop, including some aluminum and copper. I had a professional circle cutter, so I attached my scribing needle and made the screen that fit just behind the prop hub.

Please notice that I included a home made valve stem with its' cap. Recently a well known cast resin company produced a new set of wheel rims that has the tires attached, but the j**k never put on the tire's valve stem's nor its' cap, so if you buy his set of tires, you have to make and install them.

Part Two will show another model and remember if I can do it...SO CAN YOU!

Rodney J. Williams
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  1. This is absolute magic, Rodney. It is amazing to see such great level. Since you've done it, can I do it? Don't think so, but I can use your level as a destination and aim. Thanks for sharing!
    All the best!

  2. Great work as always Rodney, it's a joy to read these reports even though they date a few years back they stood the test of time!

  3. Rodney, even if you made all that work last week it would be just as amazing as it was 30 years ago or so. It’s having the skills, will and some good knowledge with essential tools that makes the difference. Absolutely fantastic scratch work

  4. what to say...impressive!

  5. All 5 of you have the same tool (s). The main tool is located between your ears and is call "Model Building Tool" It is sometimes called your "BRAIN."

    I really don't know how I was able to create all these things as lot's of it was done long before the internet was invented.

    I guess it came from childhood long before TV was invented. My grade school, (1st grade to 6th grade - 1937-1943) had an "art-drawing" class which was mandatory to take in the 4th grade. Junior Gross and I was elected by the art teacher Mrs. Craig to draw something on our 15 foot long by 4 foot high blackboard. She gave us several colors of chalk which was 1/2" x 6" long. JR as we called him and I spent all week drawing a winter street scene which turned into a summer scene at the other end of that long blackboard. Everyone at our grade school "nick-named" us Big and Little Rembrandt. JR was bigger than me. We continued to do art work for our school until we graduated in 1950. My mom saved some of my oil, charcoal pencil and water color paintings and gave them to me in 1979.
    So thanks to all your comments and now it's time for part two. Rodney

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