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Teeth and Fang, 153030 QF-4N, 1/72 Fujimi.

The Navy converted a number of F-4N's into drones, Utilizing them not just as targets but also to test new equipment and weapons. Capable to fly with a pilot or NOLO, no live operator. At the end of it's useful life, about 5,000 hours it would then be expended as a target. Bureau number 153030 was spared this, besides being the last Navy to fly, last flight August 4 2004, it ended up on display on the USS Midway museum in California. Doing research on 153030 I came upon a photo of it flying with a Tomahawk missile, Thinking that it might have launched said missile I did a search and acquired scale examples. It wasn't until later that I discovered that it was only flying chase to the Tomahawk. I took liberties and hung one on a pylon anyway.

The build is 1/72 F-4B/N. Decals come from Aeromasters, I forget who made the Tomahawks. Paint is Testors rattle can light gull gray and gloss orange.

10 additional images. Click to enlarge.

22 responses

  1. Very cool build Robert.

  2. Well done Robert, seem to remember seeing this QF-4 at the Pacific Missile test center at NAS Pt Mugu parked among other Phantoms and Vandy 1 back in the late 80's when I was stationed there with VFA-305 and then HCS-5 when it stood up. And love building those Fujimi F-4's. Well done and nice history summary. Iffen I remember correctly, there were also QF-86's Sabres among them as well. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great build and story Robert. Thank God this baby was saved from the scrapyard or target sudden death!

  4. Beautiful, build! Though that's not a Harpoon, its a cruise missile. The Harpoon is the AGM 88. We used them on our S-3Bs in the anti-ship role

  5. Neat looking model and little reminder of the QF program for the F-4. A lot of the drones for some aircraft has been life savers in particular the F-86 Saber the type was saved for Warbird operators and the public thanks to unmanned drones converted for testing as a bait for missiles.

    The Collins Foundation operates a F-4 C or D and must be an expensive piece of hardware with the two jet engines sucking fuel. At least some F-4 are being preserved for museums.

    Two thumbs up Robert.

  6. Nicely done Robert, looks good and different !

  7. Very nice. F4s look so badass compared to say, an F-35.

  8. Nice work, Robert! We rarely see “N” models, let alone drone “N”s modeled.

  9. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Nice looking build Robert, very different, a very good conversational subject.

  10. Love it Robert; nice and oddbally...woof woof

  11. Very nice Robert. Love the f-4 well done. Looks great.

  12. I got to see some QF-4s when we did range clearance for a missile shoot out of Andersen AFB when I was in VAW 115, late 90s. Can't remember for sure if they had sharks teeth, but I remember loving the orange over grey. Told myself I'd build one someday. Anyway once again nice build of one of the sharpest Phantom schemes

  13. Thanks everybody!

  14. Always nice to see another Phantom! Stands out in those QF colors. I haven't decided yet if I'll add a drone to my Phantom project - it just hurts me to think of Phantoms as "targets!"

  15. Great to see these QF drones modelled Robert - great colour scheme and shark mouth.

  16. Hello Robert,

    A Phantom in QF colors. Very attractive color scheme.

    They are being replaced by the F-16 as we speak.



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