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Well Time to get AMBITIOUS!!! A Little Help Please.

March 3, 2020 · in Aviation · · 7 ≡

Well I finally finish a model after a five year hiatus, and have already have my next project planned. Actually I had it planned and even started before. Of course now that I have already finished 90% or my re-scribing I see a new has been released, that just figures doesn't it!?!? I am building the 1/48 B-17G, in the markings of 772nd BS / 463 BG ", 1944 Model". I have found pictures and am asking for anybody here that can find more to send them or the link to me. As you can see I have more detail sets than you can shake a stick at, thanks Ed. Ed is a good friend from Jr. High School that to this day keeps me stocked with more than I can ask for. I will use a conglomeration of these kits to make the best of it. It sure will be a shame to close it all in, so I will take LOTS of pictures. Thanks for the support and encouragement.

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  1. Nice project Walt, you may want to check out the attached link concerning the original Swoose. The USAF Museum in Dayton is restoring her but has suspended that restoration for other priority projects. She's the only B-17D known to exist today.

    • I used the Koster Conversion kit to build a B-17D years back. During that time I looked into the Swoose. I went a different route, it really is a very interesting aircraft and I have seen lots of pictures of it. I would love to be involved in restoring it!

  2. Nice work on the scribing, Walt! I have posted information on the interior colors of the Flying Fortress on my blog which hopefully will be of use to you. Part 1 & 2 are linked below, Part 3 will be posted tomorrow:

  3. Jeff, thanks for that valuable information. I just spent eight years in the restoration of a Grumman Goose and can attest to the Alcoa labeling being present on the interior panels. It is really cool to see that after stripping the interior. My resin kits give me the acoustic batting for the compartments, I am undecided about using them. I will have to look at what it takes to use them.

  4. Frank Kurtz was actress Swoosie Kurtz’s father. She is named after the B-17D “The Swoose.”

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