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A Monogram classic straight out of the box

A 1970s white box release of the venerable . Before Accurate Miniatures and Hasegawa came in the the game, this was the only scale SBD available. It was originally released in the early 60s and as was the trend with Monogram it had several working features. The bomb drops, the prop spins the landing gear and tail hook can be raised and lowered and the dive flaps open and close. I have built this kit many times over the years, later on going to town with detail, drilling out the flaps scratching up a cockpit, even dual 50s on one build. This time though I just decided to build it as a monument to the days when Monogram was moving from toy like models to true scale models. All the working features work, and I painted it in all the "wrong" colors Monogram called for. "Apple" green interior was my favorite! It was also the first time I ever assembled and painted the deck crew crew figures! I only had one bomb in my box, so I had to use one from my spares. I think it is a Monogram bomb, but one from a much later model kit. I then decided i did not want to part with the instructions, so I put them in a frame for display! And yes the axels were heat "flared" to hold the wheels on!

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21 responses

  1. Nice job, Rob. Love the base presentation...very cool idea!

  2. Great presentation! Great build!

  3. Very nice looking build

  4. A classic Monogram kit, built with excellence out of the box. Looks fantastic Rob!
    The base makes for a great innovative presentation too.
    All the best, my friend!

  5. Great job Rob @robertandy, agree with the rest, wonderful presentation. The kit, well it looks like you worked for the Company! I LIKE it.

    Well done.

  6. Thanks everyone!

  7. Looks good, Rob. I never did build that one.

  8. Nicely done, Rob. Is that heat flared with a hot knife? That's how Revell said to do it in some of their kits.

  9. Outstanding Rob, simply outstanding and you gotta love that display base.

  10. So very cool. The vintage instructions are great.

    • Yep! I had been looking for a 70s "white box" in good shape for a while. The only thing missing was one bomb, and the price was great (Skyway Models Seattle, after this nastyness is over and you can get to Seattle go there!). The instructions are pretty much identical to the original issue except there is a "Mattel" logo in one corner from when Mattel bought Monogram in the 70s. I think I first built one in the 60s, and many many more over the years. This one is my favorite though.

  11. Great job. Great display. What I remember doing was taking the rear dual guns out of the old monogram Curtiss Helldiver (the one before the promodeler, with the folding wings and retracting gear) and they fit like a glove in monogram's SBD.

  12. I really like the whole presentation of this build. I makes me feel quite nostalgic.

  13. Very cool and a very nice build. I also like the idea with the newspaper base. Well done!

  14. Very nice Rob! Love the Dauntless.

  15. This is a beautiful rendition of one of my favorite airplanes and model kits. As a kid, I had many re-enactments of the Battle of Midway with my Monogram Navy kits!

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