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April 23, 2020 · in Aviation · · 18 · 2.3K

Greetings from Canada! This is my latest project , the B-17-BS Maritime reconnaisance floatplane. It was originally conceived as a and I have always liked it's good looks and have regarded it as a Nordic "Helldiver" as it looks quite similar.This may not be surprising because to speed-up design work in 1937 , 46 American technicians were recruited to develop the plans, and it would not surprise me to find out that some came from Curtiss...

The Marivox kit was a blast to build, and had in the box no less than NINE versions including post war target tugs. Skiis, wheels ,floats and dive brakes were all included, as well as three engine options.This made for many extra unused parts for the spares bin from hell...

I chose the Pratt and Whitney engine which is not correct for this version but I like the look.

The bomb bay can be posed open but there is no ordnance included so I stuck in two depth bombs.

All in all a fun build with no extra embellishment, however I hope stores open up soon as I have run out of black hobby paint and must use my only alternative!

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  1. ah - now I have a new model to add to my stash! A great build!

  2. thanks Greg!
    I would pick -up every one of these I came across... a great kit with many options!

  3. Good job, I am no expert on them but I like float planes. Amphibious even more. Remember there is a lot more water in the world to land on than there is land. Nice work over all, love that they offer so many options, that is really cool.

  4. Nicely done! , and a not often seen build. Good looking stand as well.

  5. Very nice. Don't think I have seen this plane on floats before.

  6. I didn't know there was a version on floats! This is another kit I wish would come out in 1/48. It's so cool that Sweden keeps one flying with their historic flight!

    • Well, Tarangus did come out with a 1/48 model of B 17 last year.

    • As Stellan says, Tarangus added a B17A last year, and just added a B17B a few months back. Of course the one for me here in Denmark is the B17C that will be sent out any time now (the one used by the Danish Brigade in Sweden with danish marks)

      • Correct. Did thr Danish brigade ever use the B 17? Wasnt it considered not needed as the Germans in Denmark capitulated before the end of the hostilities?

        More details will be marketed by Maestro, like floats and skis.

        • The Danish brigade did fly and train, and were ready to fly to Denmark on the day of the German surrender, but Danish authorities asked them not to come. They were however loaded and ready to strike at the few who denied to surrender. Thus they cannot be said to have been officially Danish planes, but did wear cocardes and flags. One B-model has been re-painted and is on display in Denmark.

  7. Great job of a very rarely seen model, Philip! It looks really cool on is floats.
    All the best!

  8. Well done Sir. Looks very nice, and it appears from the size of your alternative black that the supply will not run out anytime soon 🙂

  9. Well done Phillip, not familiar with this A/C nor the kit manufacture. No fit issues, lots of extra parts and versions to build. What's not to like. Looks good.

  10. Not too often one sees the BS version of the B 17. Nice stand for it.

    I think you have got the markings wrong, Im sorry to say. From looking at the box description it is easily done. I would say it should be in m/40 style marking standard. That means the small black wing number should be to the left of the fuselage roundel. Also, no roundels were used on wing top sides. If going by m/44 standard the now yellow wing number should be on the tail side of the fuselage roundel and there should be roundels on wing top sides. As it is now its a mix of m/40 & m/44. If you know the marking rules the box illustrations make sense, but if you dont...well...

  11. Thanks everyone for all the kind comments and encouragement! I figure that I typically get a few things wrong with each kit I build ,but not being a stickler for details speeds up my building (and heaven knows I have a LOT to build!) . I generally build a kit because I like the looks of the subject (the simple geometry of aircraft for example) and will even sometimes build a version with inaccuracies simply because I like the look. Stellan's comments are well taken too as I realize many love the research aspect of the hobby and like to apply it to the models they build!

    Best regards to all!

  12. Great build of a cool-looking aircraft, Philip. I've never seen one of these before. To my eye, it looks like a cross between a Helldiver and a Japanese "Jake" float plane. From the detail, I thought it was 1/48 at first. Fine work.

  13. Looks great ! (from the east coast)

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