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Afv club, IDF, Shot Kal 1973 in 1/35

April 23, 2020 · in Armor · · 11 · 5.6K

Hi Everyone, here is my 4th Coronavirus model , , , , 1973 (the Yom Kippur war version).
Colors and weathering effects by Ammo-mig Tamiya and AK. main body color is A.mig 132 -IDF Sinai grey 1973, main pigment for weathering is A.mig Golan Earth.
Thank you!

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  1. Magnificient work Allon! It looks so real and the weathering is superb! All the details are a feast for the eyes...even down to every third round a tracer for the .30 cal.! I will remember that "Sinai Grey" colour, I never seem to get it right!
    love it!

  2. This is really outstanding work. The weathering is spot on. Very well done.

  3. Amazing job, Allon! I cannot stop looking at the pictures and all these details.

  4. Really impressive!

  5. Maybe I would repeat myself, but I really like your chipping method; provide a real plus to your models.
    BTW; As you post a new model quite often on this website, how long does it take for you, approximately, to build a model from A to Z ? Looking at all the details it must be a bit more than 2 -3 days ;-P

  6. Well done Allon, very realistic weathering as well as wear and tear.

  7. Very nice Shot Kal, Allon. Your approach to weathering is really intricate and effective, especially the chipping effects. I didn't know you could get a weathering pigment specifically called Golan Earth! I used a variety of other named earth tones of EZ mud for my Shot Kal. it's amazing how precise the tools have become for authentic modeling.

  8. Thank you so much, @coling! I agree, but this is bc we are lazy. We can easily use only few products and make the needed tones by ourselves...

  9. Hello Allon, @allonkira67
    You have done it again, and built a wonderful looking model. Your work is always very realistic looking. Having served as a real life "Tanker" in the desert, I can tell you from first hand experience that you have the "look" down to a science. Well done.


  10. Love it ! 🙂 Perfect !

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