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Centurion main battle tank

1/35 Centurion Mk. IIIKorean War Group Build.

This is the 1971 Tamiya kit built as “Caughoo” of the 8th King’s Irish Hussars in Korea, 1950. “Caughoo” is notable for destroying a Cromwell that had been previously captured by the North Koreans. I replaced the kit’s awful [...]

Review: AFV 1/35 Centurion Mk.5/1-4 Review

Centurion 1973 Sho't Kal (Updated pics)

It has been too long since my previous post...I've been busy working on other aspects of life. And now here are the more pictures I took on the Sho't Kal build. While I'm taking shots of details, I found out that I didn't really do much on [...]

IDF Sho’t Kal & M51 Super Sherman

Hello everyone! It's my first post here. These are my works on IDF's Sho't Kal & M51 Super Sherman. They are in 1/35 scale, from AFV Club and Academy respectively. I built the M51 first, so you could see some differences, or [...]

Video: Centurion IDF Shot Kal Gimel Type II – 1/35 AFV Club- Tank Model

Afv club, IDF, Shot Kal 1973 in 1/35

Hi Everyone, here is my 4th Coronavirus model Afv Club, Centurion, 1/35, IDF, Shot Kal 1973 (the Yom Kippur war version). Colors and weathering effects by Ammo-mig Tamiya and AK. main body color is A.mig 132 -IDF Sinai grey 1973, main [...]

IDF Centurion Shot Cal

This is my build of the 1/35 scale AFV Club Centurion Shot Cal – one of my favorite armor subjects. I did it as a vehicle serving in the Golan in 1973. A number of Centurions lost their side skirts in that intense action. I prefer the [...]

1/35 AFV Club Centurion 5/1

I completed this in April 2015. It was my second ever armour build. The kit is the 1/35 AFV Club Centurion 5/1 and is completed to represent one used by the RAAC in Vietnam. Paints used were a Vallejo dark green mixed to the approx correct [...]

AFV Club 1/35 Australian Centurion Mk.V/1 Vietnam

Aussie Centurion from the Vietnam days - A lovely build with no problems whatsoever. I really enjoyed building & researching this one! Cheers

Tamiya 1/35 Centurion Mk.III

I built this kit a while ago and it was a test bed for battle damage. The kit was one I got from an auction and it was old, with lots of ejection-pin marks, but thankfully they were all on the inside. I used a soldering iron (not a hot [...]