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Challenger I Mk.3

April 6, 2020 · in Armor · · 12 · 2.7K

Just one more armor posting for this week. I am doing my best to catch up with some of you guys as a new member. Thank you all again for your help and encouragement so far. It's a big inspiration to keep building.

This is my I Mk. 3 in . For the desert version, I had to add some applique armor strips that I scratchbuilt with evergreen sheet styrene. The turret basket is Eduard, as are all the myriad grab handles which replace the plastic bumps in the kit. Fiddly work but I like the effect. I filled the turret basket with stowage but it is invisible under the tarp, which I made from tin foil tied down with wire. Pics showed British tanks had well covered stowage in the dusty conditions.

The tracks are my first venture into Friulmodel metal links. They went on very nicely, although it was odd to be painting over them in places to simulate"rubber" pads. The main desired effect of the metal links was to give the tracks realistic sag. Nothing looks more like heavy metal than heavy bits of metal. I redid the Gerry Can baskets on the side skirts with styrene strips so they looked thin enough and added some water cans.

Painted in my own mix of British Armor Sand mixed from Tamiya Desert Yellow, Dark Yellow , Sail Color, Buff and Deck Tan. Weathered as usual with oils washes over gloss coat, CMK pigments, pastels, etc. Decals were aftermarket, I think. The figure is from the kit, BTW, and was painted with a tiny brush in Lifecolor acrylics. Frotunately, they brush very well without clumping so were ideal to do the camo pattern on the shirt.

I hope you like the beast. I think it's a very formidable-looking modern tank which actually saw action.

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  1. Very nice! Like the photography also. What camera lens did you use?

    • Thanks, Ilan. I currently use my Ipad Air 2 for model photography indoors. Here is what Apple says about the lens: "The iPad Air 2 features an 8MP backside illuminated sensor that takes pictures through a five-element lens and hybrid IR filter. The f/2.4 aperture is the same as its predecessor." I don't understand all of that, but it takes good pictures. I also have a Canon Rebel ios. DSLR, but I haven't got good indoor pics with it yet. Still working out the settings. If you're interested, I have another article a couple of pages back on how I took the photos using a very simple light booth (the subject model is a 32nd scale F-4J).

  2. Same comments as for the Centurion, Colin: NO comments! Exquisite buld!
    All the best!

  3. Also a fab' build! I like armor from time to time on this forum! Liked!

    • Thanks Michel. I will try to keep the armor coming. I have a Centauro armored car I may share next week. Working on a bunch more armor stuff but it takes a back seat to the aircraft projects for now.

  4. Nice! Friulmodel track links are my personal favorite. They were recommended to me in 2005 for the old Tamiya T-34/85 kit. I have used them for a Dragon Elefant, Tamiya Panther, Dragon Tiger II, Trumpeter KV-1 and the Tamiya JS-2 that is currently on my workbench. They are expensive, more than the cost of the kit!, but they are worth it.

    • Thanks, Jim. Yeah, Friulmodel has some expensive stuff. I grab sets when they come down in price somewhat on eBay. I have also had some pretty good results with plastic links, as in the Centurion Shot Cal I posted. Plastic is, of course A LOT cheaper. The main thing is getting that realistic sag. You have to simulate it carefully with plastic but metal track saves you the work. I also find the assembly of metal track fun - just like the real thing with pins and all.

  5. Your Challenger looks superb Colin. I've always had a soft spot for British Main Battle Tanks. I'm getting ready to start the Takom Chieftain Mk.10. My hope is that it comes out half as good as your Challenger.



    • Thanks for your kind comment, Scott. I too like British tanks (post-war ones, anyway). I have the Takom Mk 5 which I will do one day as the Iranian version. I look forward to seeing what you do with the Mk.10.

  6. Thanks, Robert. I'm glad you like it.

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