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Little bit of Armor

Evening all, I just bought a handy dandy new photo booth and have been putting it to good work finally getting my completed builds captured on film...well electrons, but you know what I mean. Anyway here is some armor that I've completed over [...]

Challenger 1

Well, it all started with an old model for trash. The process began by cleaning the model with caustic soda. I continue with a try paint tests to imitate an abandoned tank in the desert. He continued with me hooked and hours of tests and [...]


Built this over the last three ! days for a break from the Yamato... Usually build boats, but got about 6 Armour kits to build for a friend. OOB, heavy weathering. (the Land-Rover is a Tamiya SAS "Pink-Panther", painted as standard in Olive Drab[...]

Challenger Mk 1 & 2

Hi folks, I've finally got the Challenger 2 finished. Considering it was a Xmas present from the one before, not the one just gone, I seem to be a bit behind with my builds! The Mk 1 was a build from a while back and my first attempt at armour. [...]

Challenger 1 mk 3

I've been promising this one for a while! Sorry for the delay, I thought this would be finished ages ago, but you know how it is! Plus I thought I'd best leave it for a bit after Bernd's show winning Challenger, I wasn't in a hurry to follow tha[...]

Challenger I Main Battle Tank Revell in 1/72 scale

Challenger I Revell in 1/72 scale Hi here comes my newest roll out from my small world of tanks. At first some facts: The British main battle tank Challenger I was developed from a design for the Iranian Army. It was introduced into the British [...]