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Hasegawa Ki.84 Hayate “Frank” 1/48

Here is my Hasegawa Ki.84 Hayate “Frank” in 1/48. I will one day get to the 1/32nd version so I am re-examining this earlier build and I decided it was worth a few pictures. For this build, the two challenges for me were getting the green color right and aligning those lightning bolts around the tail section properly. I used a darkened Tamiya IJA green in the end with some OD for browner tone. Weathered with oils over Tamiya Clear Coat. I couldn’t find a single photo of the actual aircraft with the lightning tail markings so I had to go with decal instructions and pics of Oscars with similar split lightning bolts. I think this is one of the most attractive schemes for the Hayate, which really emphasizes its pugnacious looks, especially in profile. Not modeled so often, though.

I probably made some errors for the build. The cockpit color I went with was aotake with black and aluminum instruments, which was the popular choice at the time by other modelers. Now I think it would be a cockpit green of some kind. The cockpit is completely OOB as for as that goes and very well detailed in the kit. You can see this in some pics. I created an ignition harness for the Homare engine with solder wire but otherwise the rest of the basic build was also OOB. I should have drilled out the cannon barrels. Oh well, I may go back to that since taking photos.

The decals were aftermarket – Sky, I think. It represents the aircraft of W.O. Tomojiro Ogawa of the 103rd Sentai at Itami, Japan 1945. Ogawa was an ace with 19 victories, including P-51s and P-47s so perhaps some in this aircraft. I hope you like it. If anybody had pics of the real Hayates of the 103rd or 50th Sentai, I would be very interested for my next “Frank.”

Comments welcome.

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  1. Great looking aircraft. I went through five Ki.84 books and while there were profiles, I could find no photos of the 50th Air Combat Regiment and their lightning bolts. Colour photos of the interior show an almost bronze green colour

    • Thanks for your kind response, George, and thanks for looking through your books! IJA ans IJN cockpit colors can be pretty controversial, as gets discussed in the Empire of Japan group build. I take a relaxed approach and always think that , should it turn our wrong, I could do better next time. As it happens the dark aotake I chose could be mistaken for Bronze green, but that would just be a happy accident.

  2. I really like your Frank, Colin, looks fantastic! The Hasegawa 1/32 is even better. I also have a soft spot for Japanese WW2 aircraft. They seem to be the only country in WW2 to make streamlined radial engined aircraft.

  3. I's a great model of a great plane, Colin. Looks fantastic!

  4. This is an excellent kit and you have made the most of it.

    Having done both, the 1/32 is this scaled up.

    • Thank you, Tom. Good of you to comment. Also good to have your recommendation on the 1/32 scale kit. I've benefited from your assessment of the ups and downs of kits very much over the years (as I mentioned regarding the cowling fit of the 32nd Hasegawa p-47) I'm glad the Ki 84 will be smooth sailing since I plan to take some time to rivet it.

  5. Nicely done Collin, I like it.

  6. Looks great - well done!

  7. Wow Colin!...What a great build of one of Japan's ultimate fighters! I admire the subtle weathering. Looks great. You should get at that 32nd scale kit and post it !

    • Thanks, Philip. The Hayate was a great design. The combat flaps made it very agile while also being fast and well armored. I found it interesting figuring out what the best angles were to photograph the model. Certain points of view, like profile shots, really show the design's uniquely sleek lines. From other angles, you can see what it borrowed from its predecessor, the Oscar.

  8. Terrific looking Frank. You’ve inspired me to go out and build one.

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