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Hawker Typhoon 1B – Hasegawa 1/48

April 24, 2020 · in Aviation · · 27 · 3.6K

Here is my build of the scale Hawker 1B. This is a great kit, even with nothing added. I used aftermarket decals for an aircraft of 137 Squadron RAF, June 1944 operating over Normandy. I also went with the Eduard flap set, which was quite difficult to use for a relative PE novice at the time. Getting the ribbing to line up while fixing it with superglue was tricky. It came out OK but it has made me wary of using flap sets ever since. The cockpit is also Eduard (flaps, intake mesh and cockpit all from one set, I believe).

The stripes are airbrushed as are the yellow ID panels. This was another challenge as the flaps added later had to match up with the invasion stripes I painted first. I did lots of careful planning during building and painting to achieve alignment and avoid bending the photo-etch flaps out of shape, especially when removing masking.

As for painting, the camouflage is Gunze, the black and white for the invasion stripes is Tamiya. Weathered with an oil wash over Tamiya Clear and pastels and matt coated with MM Acyrl Flat. I also did some chipping with a silver pencil. I am not super happy with the chipping effect but hopefully it looks convincing enough.

I feel a sentimental attachment to the Typhoon. One of my elementary school teachers was a Canadian Typhoon pilot who was shot down over Normandy. We boys were kind of in awe of him but he never much liked talking about the war. I later found a book on Canadian Typhoon operations (Hugh Halliday's Typhoon and Tempest: The Canadian Story) that described a dogfight he was involved in and his downing by flak. I could understand why he was reluctant to relive it, especially to share with 5th graders. Although this is not his specific aircraft, Canadians did fly with 137 Squadron so this was as close as I could come to a tribute.

Hope you like it. Comments welcome as always.

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  1. Beautiful build and terrific story. So many of those long gone, whose stories went with them. My father was a red army surgeon awarded for heroism rescuing three wounded soldiers in the field under fire and I knew nothing about it until my sister found archive documents. I was too stupid/ selfish to ask him about his life.

    • Thanks, Ilan. The medics seem to get the least appreciation and remembrance. It must have been some comfort to him to have been saving lives. I know Mr. Scambler was haunted by the death of the pilot he shot down. He wanted us to know that much. That he couldn't forget his face. He himself was lucky to survive the ferocious flak that killed many young Canadians. He was a POW for some months after he bailed out.

  2. Really excellent work, Colin. I like this result.

  3. That's a fantastic work, Colin. Spot-on tight line camo; extremely natural weathering, build is flawless, everything perfectly aligned. Got the same Typhoon to build, will use your build as my guideline. I also loved the story with your teacher: fascinating, but also some parts of it bitterly remembered. This is how the war stories more or less go. Modeling those adorable machines can for a great part be viewed as a tribute to those who fought for a higher cause.
    All the best!

    • Thanks, Spiros. Good of you to notice the details. I try to go for the same painting technique they used in the British airplane factories, i.e. masks that had just the faintest feathering underneath from overspray. I always use paper tacked down with masking tape - never had much success with the strips of blu-tack or silly putty technique.

  4. Brilliant Typhoon. Looks massive, even at 1/48. Very well crafted - flaps included.

    • Thanks, Tim. Massive was definitely the look I wanted when photographing the model. The Typhoon was a formidable beast to fly, especially loaded down with a couple of thousand pounds of rockets. I'm glad it looks the part.

  5. A most excellent build Colin!

  6. Cracking work! I’m a Typhoon fan also, it’s a rather pudgy but fearsome aircraft

    • Thanks, Pedro. Looks like some kind of bearded ogre with that enormous chin radiator but somehow still a handsome aircraft in my view. It exudes brute power from very angle.

  7. Lovely work Colin!

  8. An awesome build!

  9. Sharp work on this. I've got both the car door and this version in the stash and hopefully will get to one soon.

    • Thanks, Dale. It's a great kit and I really recommend it. Most photos have the flaps up (RAF regulations when parked, I believe), so you can easily build it OOB.

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    said on April 24, 2020

    Great build Colin. She looks awesome!

  11. Nicely done Colin excellent weathering as well as some great pics

    • Thanks, Tom. I'm especially glad you like the weathering. Typhoons went through some brutal action but most of them looked like their paint held up in the wartime photos I've seen. I weathered accordingly.

  12. Great looking brute, with all those canons and rockets on the "pointy end!" Well done.

  13. Thanks, Greg. Just noticed your comment (didn't get a notification, for some reason).

  14. @coling, Colin, I somehow missed this when it was first posted, but I'll say now that it looks sensational! I love those "Tiffies" and yours is just great! 🤩 Hey, it could be a mate to my old Monogram Typhoon...😉

    • Thanks, Gary @garybrantley ! I really like the work you did on the Monogram Typhoon. As is often the case with Revell/Monogram, it definitely stands up to more modern kits shape-wise. Very nice airbrushing, your D-Day stripes and yellow ID panels came out really sharp.

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