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Koster/Monogram 1/48 XP-47J Superbolt

Finished early in the Lockdown, this was quick and easy for a vac conversion. The required / donor was easy to locate, in this case a "razorback".

provides a fuselage, resin prop/hub assembly in one piece ( there IS a god!), fan, radiator and cowling, plus the small, clear wedge at the rear of the canopy. Retained from the donor are the clear bits, wings and landing gear assemblies, cockpit and horizontal stabilizer.

I was amazed at how little monkeying around was required to get pretty fair results. Vacs reduce some of the smaller details, and a better builder than I can certainly take this kit further.

In reality, this was the fastest of all permutations. It attained 505mph in level fight at 39k ft. during testing. The aircraft was modified by the removal of 2 of the 50 cal brownings, a fuel tank, radio and some other items. The cowling was tightened down and all of the previously visible exhaust plumbing was moved internally to the centerline, exiting from ventral tunnels. Surprisingly, these exhaust tunnels provided in the neighborhood of 400 pounds of thrust at full chat.

All in all a fun little kit, which I'm happy for as I have two more XP-47's in the queue.

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  1. IIRC this was the fastest "normal" WW2 piston engine fighter. Nice work. The hopped up War Winners like this and the P-51H were cool stuff.

  2. This is actually one of the very first vacuform conversions ever. I saw the first one done by a modeler back in 1970. It didn't have the resin parts, which I can bet really make things easier.

    Good work on this, the result looks like it was all "injection molded".

  3. Great result, Bryan. Nice quality work. A must, I believe, for any Jug collection.
    All the best!

  4. Great Jug. Looks a lot more like shake and bake than a conversion. Well done.

  5. fantastic old school modelling

  6. Nice to see this, looks great! Republic did a few experimental jugs, I think one design had a jet engine installed, the precursor of the F-84, I don't think it left the drawing board.

  7. Well now that's a really nice presentation of the XP-47J. Nicely done Bryan.

  8. A great build of a rare subject! Well done.

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