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Westland Lysander On Floats! Now this is how I would have done it.

August 12, 2014 · in Aviation · · 13 · 2.8K

This is one aircraft that begs to be modified with floats. I just had to do it! This is scale and the crew is 21st Century figures. I have added some detail and wiring behind the instrument panel as this can be seen through the front windscreen. The load under the aircraft is a camera pod with forward and downward facing cameras. So here is my reasoning. Float planes can land on grassy fields and pick up and bring that secret spy from France and land him on the Thames river directly to Churchill! Now hows that for a efficient undercover sortie?

Enough of the madness. I hope you enjoy.
California Steve

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  1. So did the kit come with floats as an option or did you cannibalize something else to get 'em...? What else has floats in 32nd scale...?

  2. Great question there Craig. This model in any scale has never been offered with floats. Or has any prototype been fitted with them. I used a set of foam floats from a RC plane. This was not a easy process. First I lightly sanded them, then gave them a coat of white glue to seal them. Then a coat of primer, more sanding then the final coat of black then Dullcoat, It took a lot of time. But I was happy with the outcome.
    California Steve

  3. So now your RC plane can't fly...? Or did you steal some wheels somewhere and alter that one too...? 🙁

    • I purchased the floats from my local HS. Just for this build.
      No aircraft were harmed in any way. Just for the record this is a dedicated float plane and not a amphibian. Weight reduction.
      California Steve

  4. Great idea Steve. I did see a photo of a prototype Lizzie with a boom tail and rear turret on the net but yours looks more practical and convincing, good stuff.

  5. Well done, looks entirely convincing. I like it.

  6. Hey mate , that looks different but great.
    Well done sir.

  7. Floatplanes are fascinating and I agree the Lysander is a prime candidate, I like it very much, a very skillful result of a creative idea. Good job. Nice pod underneath and background in the photos too!

  8. CA Steve,
    This floats my boat...

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