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Nakajima Ki84 Type 4 fighter Hayate (Frank). 1/32 scale Hasegawa kit with Eduard zoom set cockpit.

?✈️ Ki84 Type 4 (Frank). scale kit with zoom set cockpit.

However I purchased the Montex super mask set I neither used that or the decals from the kit but made my own masking & painting. Great kit to work with, did not have any difficulties during building it.

History: after approval of the prototype at the end of March 1944, the aircraft offically declared "The Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere Fighter".
It was reported that the Hayate was so successful that it was able to seize temporayr air superiority over China facing mainly P-40 and P-51 opposition.

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  1. That's a trully fantastic model, Bhandez. I keep on looking at all these great details! "Of course" the base with the sword is equally great.

  2. Pretty spectacular. You know it's a great one when it stands up to close-ups so well. IMHO that hasegawa is one of the best 1/32 kits yet issued.

  3. That really is beautiful work sir.


  4. Fantastic, what a lot of details.
    The samurai sword is a nice addition detail to the diorama.

  5. Very impressive build. Worn and faded extremely well.

  6. Great presentation of a fine build. I really like that you provided some up-close-and-personal shots, because there are loads of handsome details to see.

    If you don't mind me asking, what method did you use for the chipping?

    • Thank you very much Andrew! The first layer was NMF then I used Mr. Masking Sol Neo for the larger chippings which I covered with green color (airbrush). The smaller ones were made with fine brush.

  7. Great-looking Hayate!

  8. A fantastic build! Love everything about it - the color, the weathering, the details. Looks perfect!

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