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A Neat Little `Nate` Ki-27b from Hasegawa in 1/72

This is the Hasegawa kit NP9 Nakajima Ki-27b ‘Nate’, depicting the aircraft flown by Capt. Shironaga with the 24th Flight Regiment in the Philippines in 1940. Interesting history behind the Ki-27, being the Imperial Japanese Army Air [...]

Hasegawa 1/48 F-4EJ Kai Super Phantom

The venerable Phabulous. kit was used again to depict JASDF's Mitsubishi manufactured Phantom.

IJN Battleship Mikasa 1905, Hasegawa 1/700

Let me post another IJN ship, but it is much older than previous one. This is IJN battleship Mikasa, the flagship of Russo-Japanese war (1904-1905). She was designed and built by Vickers shipyard in the UK; therefore, it was technically a [...]

1/48 A6M5 Zero

This is my recently completed 1/48 Minicraft/Hasegawa A6M5a Zero. A few months ago I found it’s worn & battered 1985 dated box on the consignment table at the LHS for $10. Given the price of new kits these days, it seemed like a [...]

Nakajima Ki-190-II 薙刀 "NAGINATA"

We all know the Japanese Army AF tested the FW-190A-5 aircraft. My Idea was to create a production version build by the Nakajima company. I used the older 1/48 Dragon kit for the project. The wings were reengraved and converted to install [...]

Academy 1/72 Bf 109 E-7 in Japanese livery

James Kelley posted his version of this scheme from a FineMolds kit ((link) ), and I loved the scheme. I've since discovered there is some controversy over what the colors really were on the 109s secured for evaluation by the IJAAF (see [...]

Tamiya N1K1 Kyofu / 'Rex', 'Japan's Purpose-Built Floatplane Fighter'

I've built a lot of clean models this year, and what better excuse to make a beaten up bird than a Japanese subject? I ordered this while waiting for some supplies for other projects to arrive and have had fun beating up this big 1/48 [...]

Eduard A6M2 Type 0, Model 21, 1/48. 'Saburō Sakai's Longest Mission'.

On August 7th 1942, Ace Pilot Saburō Sakai underwent his most legendary mission and would narrowly survive being shot in the head by the rear gunner of a Dauntless dive bomber. Escorting Japanese bombers to Guadalcanal, Sakai first [...]

Hasegawa (x2) 1/72 F-15DJ Eagle Aggressor

This project took a few left turns. I had secured two Hasegawa F-15C kits over the years, either from ebay or from vendors at model shows. A few years back I saw a DMX decal set for Japanese F-15 aggressors, as the color schemes really [...]

1/72 scale WWII diorama Ka-Mi Tank Saipan 1944

Greetings all, Here is another addition to my build list which is the unique WWII Japanese amphibian tank which was used during WWII especially in invasion of the Marianas 1944. The tank kit is from Dragon kit which is a good kit straight [...]