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Otaki 1/48 Messerschmitt Bf109G-6 first airbrush

May 1, 2020 · in Aviation · · 22 · 4.6K

Hello all,

Got to know about this very informative website from a colleague modeler.
Impressive results which you all are presenting.

After 35 years rediscovered this hobby which I had when I was an air scout.
During those early years I built a lot of models.
Last year I received a model from a colleague and I started building again.
In the past I only used brushes and enamel paints.
Never had the money during my childhood to buy an airbrush.
This time I decided to go for it and bought one.
After visiting several modelling conventions and learning the techniques again (on my colleague's model), I bought a Bf109G-6 from .
Never heard about this brand, but I was surprised about the fit.
Airbrush was not easy at first but I think I am getting better results now.
See the results of my first build model after many years using airbrush with acrylic paints.
If you have advise on how to improve, please let me know.

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  1. Welcome back to the hobby John. There are lots of interesting things going on here on this friendly site, and I think you may enjoy being here. One thing that I did when I came back to the hobby (almost the same story as you, airbrush and all) was to go checking the groups section - there are so many builds in progress there, and people are not afraid of showing their mistakes and triumphs. I can highly reccomend you take a tour in groups, and leave comments and do not be afraid to ask - it really is a happy bunch of modelers!

    One thing that I would reccomend is to give your model a layer of gloss clear before adding decals, that reduces the "silvering", and when fully dry, a layer of matt clear to give it the correct sheen. But as said - go check out the groups section!

    • Thanks for your advise, I will definitaly read through those articles.
      The "silvering" of the decals gave me a headache, I did a matt varnish twice, but no luck. I will try your suggestion next time.

  2. Welcome to the forum and a very nice job on your first airbrushed model

  3. Nice job on this old kit. Maybe you should pick up an Eduard or Tamiya 109. I think you'll be surprised what you can do with these.

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    Walt said on May 1, 2020

    Hi and Welcome to the forum. Nice work on your 109 and first attempt at airbrush work. Those old Otaki kits are really pretty good for their time. I found the fit with them was always good. Keep on building and posting.

  5. Nicely done! welcome aboard.

  6. Great job on this kit John, and welcome back!

  7. Welcome to iModeler and welcome back to the hobby John.
    Otaki kits are old but some are still quite acceptable, I recall seeing one posted here just recently that was a masterpiece.
    Since you are starting to master airbrushing better use some nice and cheap kits. Mottling a Luftwaffe plane is not easy and yet you pulled it. My advice is - Try to fix a better dilution ratio on the paint, it will help you get more precise spraying lines

    • Thanks for the advise, airbrushing needs an improvement, totaly agree. I used Vallejo Model Air Acrylics mixed with a bit of airflow flow improver and a 0.2mm nozzle. Will start using a 0.3mm nozzle, maybe this gives better results.

  8. That's a great start after 35 years John! You did a very nice job on this.
    Keep building and share your results with us!
    Welcome on board!

  9. Great build, John. Otaki kits are old but still build into some great models. All they need is a little extra work. Welcome back.

  10. fine looking paint job

  11. Thank you all for the warm welcome. Motivates me even more to improve my skills.

  12. Nice build, an airbrush is really next level isn't it! I also had something like a 30 year break and the best thing coming back into the hobby was patience, i know had a lot of it compared to when i was young tearaway.

    I use Vallejo and Tamiya through a .35 Iwata and find the Tamiya a better paint for finer things like mottling but also i prefer the Tamiyas overall finish. Vallejo is decent but i honestly only got into Vallejo because they did premade Luftwaffe/Japanese colours and i was wanting to just spray and not mix.

    After a bunch of kits I do a mix of both now and if i'm doing Lufty planes i'll mix and use Tamiya for a better result imo. That being said i've a .2 Iwata on the way to test out with both for detail work.

    Nice work, you'll see your improvement grow with every build i'm sure 🙂

    • Thanks Jimmy.
      Airbrush is indeed so much nicer than brush painting.
      And yes, patience is absolutely needed.
      Will go and try Tamiya as well. As you said, because of the Luftwaffe colours I bought the Vallejo ones.

  13. Nice work! You'll get better as you go. I just converted to airbrush after years of brush painting (my first 100 models or so), and learn more every time I finish another model. Lots of good tutorials and info on YouTube re: different types of paints, thinners, AB technique, etc. Just keep building and painting!

  14. I agree with Pedro, mottling is a challenge... You were brave to try it out so early in your airbrush "career"... and the results look great! Nicely done and looking forward to more.

  15. excellent work !

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