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Tamiya, 1/35, M8 Howitzer Motor Carriage

Hi guys, another Coronavirus project has came to it’s end๐Ÿ™ƒ
This time it’s a 40 years old model by Tamiya: M8 Howitzer Motor Carriage, in 1/35 scale.
Colors and weathering effects by Ammo-mig, Tamiya and AK.
Have a great day!

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13 responses to Tamiya, 1/35, M8 Howitzer Motor Carriage

  1. Nice job, fantastic build.

  2. Cool lookin’ little frog there. Love the tarps. What were they shootin’ at that with, 20MM?

  3. great job, the weathering is superb!

  4. Looks awsome on my screen. Good to see an old model get some TLC and a modern paint treatment.

  5. Thank you, @stellan!
    It appears that Tamiya was always Tamiya…a 40 years old model with almost close to perfect fit…! I bought this model for 5$, the seller was reallly surprised when I picked it ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ™ƒ

  6. Very Nice! I just love the M3/M5 family of light tanks and you’ve done a wonderful job with yours!

  7. Excellent! Those old Tamiya kits are great aren’t they!

  8. A great paint and a very successful aging treatment.
    Did all the accessories come with the kit or are they your own construction?


  9. Amazing job, Allon. Cannot get more reaistic.
    All the best!

  10. Really good work, Allon, and a great collection of extras to bring it alive.

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