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Sd.Kfz. 7 Mittlerer Zugkraftwagen 8t (Trumpeter No. 01514) & s.F.H 18 15cm Field Howitzer (Trumpeter No. 02304) 1/35

These two Trumpeter-kits took me a lot of time to build. So many tiny parts… But I enjoyed it a lot. The manuals weren’t that clear at some points. For instance where the axle of the half-track rear wheel should be placed. I had to [...]

M109A1 155mm Self Propelled Howitzer

This is my newest model. The M109A1 SP gun. The M109 is America’s most prominent legacy self propelled gun since the 1960s, following the M110 203mm self propelled gun in 203mm. The M109 has been a standard SP Howitzer in many NATO [...]

C-3 105mm Royal Canadian Artillery Howitzer Built from Scratch

This is the C-3, upgraded C-1 with longer barrel for longer range. This Howitzer is for close support, it is mobile for quick reaction movement for supporting front line units with fire with extended range munitions up to 18km. This Model [...]

M777A2 155mm Towed Howitzer Built from Scratch

This is the BAE Systems M777A2 155mm Towed Howitzer. The M777 came into the Canadian Army in 2005 eventually to replace the M109A4B+ Self Propelled Howitzer of the same 155mm caliber. This gun can shoot a GPS Guided round 40km. With a RAM, [...]

C-1 105mm Towed Howitzer Royal Canadian Artillery (M2A1) Scratch Built

This is a C-1 Howitzer built from Pine from Pictures. Yes I know, some of the pictures are a little dark. Building a new model, always a welcome challenge. Challenge is strength building.

Tamiya, 1/35, M8 Howitzer Motor Carriage

Hi guys, another Coronavirus project has came to it's end? This time it's a 40 years old model by Tamiya: M8 Howitzer Motor Carriage, in 1/35 scale. Colors and weathering effects by Ammo-mig, Tamiya and AK. Have a great day!

Scratch built US M101 field howitzer

This is a scratch built model of a US M101 field howitzer.I made a smaller one a few years ago. I really like the look of this gun so I Desided to make a slightly larger one with more detail.The gun was copied from pictures so not sure of [...]

Scratch built Soviet D20 heavy howitzer

Scratch built Soviet D20 howitzer.16.5 inches long,Copied from pictures.Made from pine,ply and dowling.

Rauchpause / Smoke BreaksFH 18 15cm Howitzer

Images created during 2018 Moson Model Show at the iModeler booth.

M107 175mm Mechanized Howitzer (Tamiya-Italeri) 1:35

Some history: This kit dates back from the seventies but has been reboxed and retooled by Tamiya recently. There are some kit add-ons and three figures. I was intrigued by the story of these massive L/60 Howitzers during the siege of Khe [...]