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Tamiya 1/35 Nashorn

May 11, 2020 · in Armor · · 12 Comments

This kit was absolutely friggin beautiful. I highly, highly recommend it for anyone.

The , formerly referred to as the Hornisse (Hornet), was a formidable tank destroyer with an open top Pz III/IV hull, a crew of 5, and the widely feared 8,8 cm Pak 43. Its known for being able to penetrate the toughest enemy tanks on the battle field frontally, as it is credited with destroying both an IS 2 and an M26 Pershing. The Nashorn was built to rival the Soviet tanks of the time, especially upon the introduction of the T-34. There are two complete surviving examples in the world, with a third work in progress that was nearly complete but burned in a garage fire, destroying many crucial engine and transmission parts.

But the kit itself was AMAZING. It basically snapped together. It came complete with a crew as well. You may notice that my example isnt entirely accurate, but I have an old stug I stole the tracks from so add additional armor to the front of my model. I might redo the track, I'm not sure, but for now I'm really pleased with it. Disclaimer, I built this several months ago, probably around Halloween, but I only just got around to finishing it. Thank you all for reading! Also my bonus mini projects over been attempting is 1/72 bottle cap soldiers.

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12 responses

  1. Good to see you back, Jordyn. White is always a challenge for me...nice job!

  2. Great one, looks scary from the business side of this PaK 43...

  3. It would be great in traffic, Nicely done, Jordyn!

  4. Hey Jordyn, @1corsair64
    It's good to see you posting again. That Nashorn of yours really turned out great. You did a fine job with it. I have one of these kits in the stash, and I'm now thinking about building up a Stug IV Lang in the late war circular disc camouflage pattern... Maybe a matching Panther to go with it. You might have just inspired me to start gluing them together... Thanks !

    Your figure painting skills are much better than mine. I commend you on that.

    The German 88 was a nasty weapon to be on the muzzle end of it. It was designed to shoot down enemy aircraft at an altitude of 5 miles above us...imagine the power it took to toss the projectile that high ! Then someone got the bright idea to mount it in an armored vehicle and the rest as they say is history. About 9 years ago I saw one that was being restored as a static display. They blasted the paint off it and gave it a fresh coat of dark gray.

    The barrel was plugged and the breach was welded closed.

    It really looked good once it was finished. I have some more pictures of it on a CD but right now it's getting late and I don't feel like digging them out. I can say that I wouldn't want someone shooting at me using one of those 88's ! I have heard old Army tankers talk about how they would try to hide behind another tank that was already knocked out... and how the Germans would simply shoot through the knocked out tank and still be able to penetrate the armor of the vehicle they were in. That makes for a bad day ...

    Well done buddy and 'liked"

    • Wow thanks for the pics, Louis. I'm glad to have posted again. And just be glad you dont see the faces of my figures lol. And I'm also glad that I've somehow inspired you. Hope all goes well!

  5. That's a great job of a fearful weapon. I love your figure skills. Good to have you back, Jordyn!

    • Dont go commending my figures just yet. Those faces are hidden for a reason, haha.

      Edit: I now realize you were talking about the 1/72 one. Sorry. Thanks for the compliment!

  6. Well done Jordyn, and from the photo I see it;s about to engage that large black creature to it's front.

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