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P 47 D-20 RAZORBACK 1/48

June 14, 2020 · in Aviation · · 18 · 2.4K

Reproduction of the p 47 D Razorback of major Herschel " Herky " Green,commander of the 317th ..325° FG .

Known ad the clan checkertail for the striking a yellow and black chess of the helm of his P 47s.

Herky had become ace in one day ,shooting down six planes on 30 january 1944 : 4 Ju 52 ,1 Do 217 ,1 mc205 .

Reproduce the model i started from the old P47D monogram in scale .

The kit has been re - engraved in the paneling Lines,riveted,the cockpit has been improved in some parts( Seat,dashboard,throttle,throttles,belt,also the engine Naca and the engine itself have been replaced whit the related pieces taken from a hasegawa model of a bubbletop as They are more faithful in terms of shape and detail)

for the coloring ,i used acrylics from the gunze and Tamiya color range,also the National insigna and chess are reproduced by painting.

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  1. Valter, I don't think building a time machine in order to go back in time and take photos of planes in the tarmac qualifies as model making... 😉 But who am I to stop you! Your models are always my favorites to look at. As usual, beautiful results, I particularly love the OD paint, and faded insignias. The scratch work is great and the cowl flaps really add to the kit.

  2. Pretty Frackin Spectacular. I thought you were leading off your article with a pic of the real machine...seriously. That is some combo of modeling and photographing. What a great weathered OD finish.

  3. Andrew is absolutely right! The first handful of pics could just pass as vintage photos, such is the quality of both the model and the photo(photographer). Just amazing, period.

  4. Excellent paint job and weathering. The added cowling flaps really add to the presentation. Nice!

  5. Well-done with the build followed by one of the finest, most realistic paint/weathering jobs I've ever seen. High-level work all around. .

  6. Terrific weathering skills you have! The vintage color photo tint really fooled me at first. How did you go about achieving that realistic faded OD? What’s your technique?

  7. Amazing build with an oldie. Loved it. Congrats...

  8. Builds - and photo shoots - like this keep me modeling; a standard I can't achieve but keep striving for. Thanks for the inspiration. Clearly a labor of love.

  9. Very well done. The weathering is very realistic. The worn stars and bars particularly.

  10. Wow. Great job on the P-47, as well as the photography. Really like the difference the Hamilton prop makes on this kit.

  11. So realistic, Valter.
    This is an extreme nice build.
    Painting and weathering really does the job.

  12. I love it, the P-47 is my favorite American single engine fighter, and I love your depiction of it here. The paint work is exquisite. What I try for and always fall short. Your photography only makes things better. Well done and thanks for sharing.

  13. This is a work of art, Valter, in every respect.

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    said on June 15, 2020

    That old monogram kit was my first P47 build and was a favourite of mine but this P47 is on another lvl . Hats off ?

  15. Nice, nice, nice.

  16. Excellent work as well as photography Valter.

  17. All I can say is I agree with what everybody else said 100%! Love how you brought the OD scheme to life with the treatment and weathering of it. Gorgeous!

  18. WOW! Awesome weathering and excellent photography!

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